Bible quotes defending Catholicism?

Does anyone have any specific biblical references which would be helpful to defend Catholicism to someone who was raised Catholic, had all the Catholic Sacraments, but now has switched to a non-denominational, born-again- type Christian church? Their church seems to be very big on scripture references and bible study. Thanks so much!

For a quick jump start, John 6 is where Jesus said he was the bread of life with the verses from Corinthians where St. Paul said some have died because of sin and not discerning the Body and blood of Christ. I would educate yourself with a number of good conversion books like Rome Sweet Home, Born fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic, Catholicism and Fundamentalism are starters. Another is Pope Fiction by Patrick Madrid.

In addition to the Catechism, how about The Catholic Verses: 95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants by Dave Armstrong?

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You might find something like the Catholic Verse Finder to be what you are looking for. It has over 500 verses that more or less hit most of the major sticking points with Protestants.

That said, I would just issue the usual caution. We don’t want to turn the Bible into a weapon whereby we engage in mutual verse slinging in an attempt to best our “opponent”. It is very beneficial to know these verses and be able to explain the Catholic teaching from Scripture. But most ex-Catholics do not leave the faith over these issues. These issues are more or less the rhetorical rationale that gets built up after they have already left. There are usually underlying core issues that need to be addressed first. So keep a look out for those things and always pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in these conversations.

Thanks robwar! Much appreciated. Will study those verses more carefully and look into the books to see if I can find the best points for discussion that might make some progress with them. God’s blessings always!

Exactly. The vast majority of Catholics leave the Church not because they don’t believe in the Sacraments, but because, for some reason, they feel like the Church has rejected them. Sometimes, it’s due to wanting to live in sin (generally cohabitation or an invalid marriage) or due to having deep-seated homosexual attractions and believing that if they follow the Church’s teachings, they’ll never be happy. Others have been scandalized by the sexual abuse scandal (many of them victims themselves). Yet others have had a bad experience with a priest or with a “gatekeeping parishoner”.

Thanks so much, Kay. I really like the idea of the Catholic Verses since their church seems so deeply into study of scripture from the bible. May God bless you always!

Thanks very much for the great-sounding suggestion regarding Catholic Verse Finder, Joe. Also thank you for the words of caution and recommendation to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the conversations. Excellent advice, and it’s much appreciated. God’s blessings always to you! by John Salza is a source I have used for years now in discussions with people I know who fit the exact description you gave. It is sorted by topic and walks through Scripture from OT to NT under each subheading. He has also produced a large number of video podcasts on each subject, and has written quite a few books.

(And he personally has responded to some of my emails and given me good advice on how to approach my next conversation).

Be warned: he is an attorney! :wink:

Peace in Christ


It is best to get the other person searching and asking the right questions.
The books recommended above are fantastic for that.

**Literal Scriptural Passages of Catholic Doctrine

This web page will download a Word Document with
Questions for “Bible-Christians”
Although, I strongly suggest that you don’t give the whole list at one time, or else they will only give it one consideration.

Only ask them one or two questions at a time

If you cannot download it let me know. It takes a couple minutes to come up.

Thanks for your thoughts, powerofk. I think this particular person felt like they weren’t a “good Catholic” for several years and then got convinced by someone close to them that “all would be forgiven forever” in the other church if they just repented in front of everyone and got baptized again…so they did.
God’s blessings always to you.

I think he supports Geo-centrism, but i have not read his whole article.

Steve Ray has this reply:


There are a lot of good sources for responses. You might consider Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth

and then there is a lot of other stuff, like Devon Rose’s excellent book.
The Protestant’s Dilemma
I have a number of biblical based articles on my blog (Apocalypsis) that you may also find helpful.

Then don’t forget these CA Tracts.

One good source is to find the information on how we got the bible and how it was put together. Then you would be talking about all Catholic things. IMHO.

Thanks for pointing this out…not sure how I feel about that yet then. It isn’t a topic that makes me question my faith at all, but apparently it is for others. I’ll have to investigate this part of his site in greater depth.

Peace in Christ

Thanks very much, Hawkiz! Sounds like a very convenient, excellent website which should be very helpful. Also thanks for the attorney warning!!! :wink: May Christ’s peace be with you also.

Thanks, John. Your advice makes sense about one or two questions at a time. Much appreciated. God’s blessings always.

Technically speaking, all the verses are “Catholic” verses. The New Testament was written by, for, and about Catholics. The New Testament is a collection of documents collected, preserved, promulgated and canonized by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church bound these 27 documents together with the Septuagint to form what is now called the “Bible”. They don’t realize that book they use to whack us on the head is our book.

Catholics added the verse numbers and the chapter numbers to make it easier to locate things in the text, which up until that time, was not sectioned like this. :smiley:

What is your goal with these people? Do you intend to show them that flight to the “non-denominational” church is not right?

How about this

The Church has been Catholic from the 1st century. The English word Catholic is a transliteration of the Greek katholikos which is a compound word from kata, which means according to, and holos, which means whole.

So one THEN can ask, where does kata holos appear in scripture and particularly kata holos ekklesia ?

Acts 9:31 the church throughout all ἐκκλησία,καθ’,ὅλης ,τῆς ,Judea and Galilee and Sama’ria…" = the Kataholos Church.

Jesus established one Church. It’s the Catholic Church. Apart from which there is no salvation. If you want those passages as well, just say so :slight_smile:

Great to know! Thanks so much, ChurchMilitant for the suggestions. I truly appreciate them. God’s blessings to you!

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