Bible Reading Plan


I guess it’s better late then never to start a new year’s resolution-- I decided to start one of those Bible in a year programs and I came across a set of bookmarks on amazon that list the readings by day, but the only problem is that they all seem to be protestant.

Does anyone know of something similar for all 73 books of the Bible?

I know there are other plans and pages I could print from different websites, but I really like the idea of having a compact, durable bookmark that I can put in one of my own Bibles.


The Coming Home Network has a pamphlet for reading the (Catholic) Bible (and Catechism) in a year:

If you print it on card stock and fold it like a pamphlet, it’s kind of like a durable bookmark. :o


Catholic Home Study Service Course

A CATHOLIC GUIDE TO THE BIBLE Explains Catholic principles of interpreting the Bible. Takes the student through the Bible, offering pertinent information about the historical background, author, and literary style of each book. Selects readable passages from each book of the Bible so that the student can become familiar with the whole Bible and understand it as the Word of God.


Beat me to it. It’s a good plan.


I have the “ONE YEAR BIBLE - Catholic Edition” and I read the particular day every night before I turn out the light. It usually includes readings from the Old Testament, Psalms, Epistles and NewTestament. I truly like to read it each night and of course in one year am able to go through the entire Bible…


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