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Hello, all! I am looking for some solid Catholic resources about the bible: books, online sources, magazines, databases, encyclicals, etc. Does anyone out there have in mind something he or she read that was particularly good and would want to recommend it? I am trying to answer various questions about the scriptures: Were the miracle accounts in the gospels made up? What was the historical and cultural climate at the time? How was the canon of books we have today composed? If anyone has any sources in mind (Catholic sources), that would be great!


I can recommend the “New Jerome Biblical Commentary”. It is a very exhaustive Biblical commentary, the best according to me.


These go back 900 years.


For lots of traditional Bible commentaries with Church Fathers and so on I highly recommend the site called Aquinas Study Bible.


Thank you thank you all. You’re way too kind!


There is a free app called Laudate. Free online access to lots of that stuff. The software comes with online access to oodles of commentary and then you can purchase stuff too. I like it because you can window the scripture and the commentary. I have the Collegeville commentary and the Haydock. Just bought 12 Navarre commentary books on ebay for $34.00. Of course and


Click my signature link… it has too many features to list.


Stay away from the “New Jerome Biblical Commentary”


I agree. I remember back when I discovered the Church Fathers before I converted to Catholicism, I found the Jerome Biblical Commentary at the library and i thought i had found a treasure of St. Jerome’s commentaries on the Bible. But once I started reading it i was so disgusted, and i thought how it is a shame to misrepresent a dime a dozen historical critical commentary with the name of such a great saint and theologian. That is almost theft by deception.




This one is good too


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