Bible story cartoons?


Does anybody know of any Catholic animated bible and/ or Saint stories. I looked on EWTN, and they were okay…a little pricey…and I think they only had OT. Thanks for the input!!



They have Catholic animated videos


I second this one! I grew up watching these videos and they had a great impact on my knowledge. I just told the story of St. Nicholas to my husband (who knew very little of this saint), which I remember from watching the CCC video :). :thumbsup:


I’ll third it…lol those little saint vidoes are great. I worked in a Catholic bookstore for a year and we sold them…they were a huge hit with the kids, and they’re very high quality.


They’re not Catholic, but the Veggie Tales are great!! And the Sumo of the Opera has a really great part about St. Patrick!

My kids love Veggie Tales more than Spongebob!!

God bless,



NEST family bible videos are good cartoon narration of OT stories, not Catholic in origin but the ones we have seen so far are fine. there is a series on the saints, a 5-vhs boxed set, probably on DVD by now, in the Oblate media catalog from Videos with Values.


Yay! We already have a bunch of Veggie Tales and love them…thank you all for the responses!!



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