Bible story video for kids

HI I just thought maybe someone out there is looking for some ideas on how to teach the bible to kids in a less boring way.I used educational videos to my kids and they enjoy it. Why dont u try it too !

good link, the nest family videos are excellent, and the packs ordered for church use come with study guides and reproducible coloring and activity books. entire package is over 1K however, too steep for us, but we do have several of the videos we use most frequently, nativity, Easter etc. We have a class for grades 3-6 who have already made first communion which is a bible-based rather than text-book based, and we use bible videos to assist (not replace) proclamation and study of the actual scripture. Nest are the best in their class. Hanna Barbera, though older, are also quite reliable. I would caution parents and catechists, when using bible videos, to make sure the kids know and understand that these stories come from the actual bible and are a dramatazation, not the real thing. Like all children’s videos, they should be viewed with parent filtering and discussion.

you might want to consider putting use of such videos in the context of a very orthodox style of meditation with scripture, that of St Ignatius, in which we place ourselves in the story.

Veggie tales are excellent stories, esp. for young children, and thoroughly enjoyable for all ages, but should be a lead-in to introducing and discussion the actual bible story, please don’t let them grow up thinking of OT characters in terms of talking asparagus and scallions.

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