Bible study for confirmation?


I’m looking for bible study guide I can use to teach my confirmation class


Need more details. What exactly are you looking for-- something to supplement your existing lesson plan? How much time to you have with them and what percentage of that time can you dedicate to the Bible study portion?


About 1h every 2 weeks. There is no existing lesson plan. I want them to read i.e. Book of Job, Temptation of Christ, Prodigal son during lesson and use it as discussion point. In the past I was using Sunday Readings but took too much time for me to study myself first, prepare questions, examples or references.


Any resource you use is going to involve preparation on your part.

If you are still open to using the Sunday Readings, you could always use my weekly Sunday Scripture study. It is brief (one page), provides some background information for understanding the Gospel Reading, has some general as well as personal application questions, citations from the Catechism, and a quote from a Saint. It is free, easily printed out ahead of time, and the site is always being updated. Many Catholic Bible study groups around the world are using it to, what they tell me, good effect. Here is the link:

Catholic Scripture Study for Catholics

You can also get some additional background material on the Sunday Readings (again, free and ready to use) from the following two sources. They are very succinct (it will take you less than 10 minutes to read each one), but it will give you enough background to intelligently discuss the Readings with your students:

St. Charles Borromeo Bible Studies
Catholic Matters

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


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