Bible study group?

Hi everyone! I hope this is the right posting place! :o but, anyway! I was wondering if it would be a sin to join a non catholic bible study group??? There aren’t any catholic bible study groups available at school. Just a Christian bible study group. :frowning:
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It isn’t a Sin, but depending on your level of knowledge, it could be a very unwise thing to do. If you join a Non-Catholic Study, you may be exposing yourself to a lot of false teaching. I would not advise it unless you know about Catholic - Protestant relations, have a good knowledge of the Catechism and all main Church doctrine, and know basic Church history. You have to be prepared to interpret scripture in light of the traditions of the Church.

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hey im polish too… I recommend the st. Ignatius study bible its very big , half the page is scripture the other half are study notes related to the corresponding verses… there are all sorts of commentary by Scott Hahn (one of the greatest theologans, convert to Catholicism)… key word definitions… references to the OT,… etc. even pointing to other scripture and the catechism…what I do is have this bible, a mini bible, and the catechism ready all at once and I can get lost in studying with myself for a good while! its amazing how much youll learn

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I’d recommend self-study or starting one at your local Catholic Church or Newman Center over attending a non-Catholic study.

I have never seen anything good come out of attending a non-C bible study, either you end up on the defensive or in disagreements all the time or sit quietly and suppress your Catholicity. Neither are very good for your spiritual growth.

Yes. I would just like to back up this post with a Catholic Answers article:

Should Catholics Go to Non-Denominational Bible Studies?

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What a great idea! If there’s no Catholic Bible study at your school, start one.

You Don’t Win Friends With Salad!

well you could practice by listening to any of the commentaries on blue letter bible – and see if it has conflicting views.

my Mother went to a catholic bible study for 11 years and then discovered that her son learned more in 3 months and could quote the bible with chapter and verse-- and new more then she ever thought was possible–

so you can learn the historical bible and its stories- without being contaminated by false doctrune if you ask the Holy Spirit to help,

just as Jesus to indue you with the Power of the Holy Spirit-- it works with many of the people i know

I would normally Not recommend attending.

Here are some articles from CA

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