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I need a little help. We are preparing to begin a Men’s Catholic Bible Study Program and I am looking for recommendations on resources we could use. I would call it a beginners group and we plan to rotate responsibility for leading the discussion. Thanks




This is a fantastic Bible study. It’s all prepared for you on a CD which they send you free of charge. You can download and print the lessons. I led the Gospel of Luke and our group loved this series. It was started by a nun Sister Maria Teresa and is modeled after
Bible Study Fellowship for Protestants. Highly recommend. Weekly meetings with daily readings six days of the week as I recall; manageable and questions for discussion.
Awesome! We gave a donation to the Sisters for this program.




Ascension Press has lots of great Bible study resources as part of their Great Adventure series.

Since it is a men’s group, you might also look into the Crossing the Goal materials.



I second the Ascension Press suggestion. The cost is a little up but manageable and worth it. We did the 8-part series at the parish and I am planning to purchase the 24 week for my family.



The Great Adventure Bible study series by Jeff Cavins, et. al. Buy it at

My parish has been utilizing this series for several years now, beginning with the Bible Timeline course, and continuing on with the James, Acts, Revelation, and Psalms studies. It is an unfailingly faithful and orthodox presentation of Sacred Scripture. The lectures are powerful exposition of Bible truths, and some of those facts just blow my mind when I put two and two together and understand the implications. I am the current leader of the study in my parish, and I must say that these past few years of acquaintance with the Great Adventure have been invaluable in my ongoing faith formation as an adult Catholic. I can’t say that I retained everything I have learned so far, but the more outstanding facts have made a place in my heart so that I am more prepared than ever to teach and defend the Gospel message that was fulfilled by Jesus Christ and revealed to us in the Bible.



My group uses the Ignatius Study Bible (New Testament only).

It was originally published as separate books with study questions but you can still get the questions here…

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page)

The OT books are being published one at a time and so far Genesis, Exodus and Proverbs (along with Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon) are available at the same link.

We have the same facilitator each month and that works best for us. It is sometimes hard to get discussion going in these types of groups and having someone who is able to promote discussion along with the help of the study questions is key.



I will Give Ascension Press another vote I have taken several of the Series I am currently taking the Bible Timeline for the second time (I had to miss most of it the first time I took it I got sick.) I also took the Epic series It is the history of the Church a challenge but well worth it.



Catechism Class has some very good studies.



The link in my signature is just one of many good ones out there on the internet.



Hello, did you start the Bible study yet? I am a bible study instructor at my parish and highly recommend Scott Hahn’s website go to where it says “online bible studies” and choose any one to begin. They are great, easy to read and all materials are downloadable and free.



I agree with the excellence of this Bible Study program! The facilitator learns along with the rest of the group, and learns how to facilitate with the instructions. The DVD by Jeff Cavins is excellent!

This program started at the cathedral in my area, and has since spread to two other parishes in my area. I am taking the fourth year of this study, and it is on Matthew and lasts 24 weeks. The parishes have it set up so that the same # of the study is given in two daytime slots, and another in an evening slot. If one cannot make a specific day they can sign in on another day so as to not miss a lesson.



Another thought about Ascension Press is they have online helps on their website



I wasn’t aware of that…I’ll check it out. Thanks!



Here is Ascension Press link They have mini lectures that you can sign up for currently they Jeff Cavins is giving 5 minute lectures on “The Parts of the Mass” It is designed to introduce “A Biblical Walk Through the Mass” It is proving a great refresher for me.



Thank you Barbara! I am going to check that site out. Jeff Cavins at Ascension Press is a great resource!


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