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I read the Bible many times. I’m starting to read it again from the beginning, this time with the Catholic viewpoint. I’m looking for online resources especially references that go through the Bible book by book with giving the background info, dates, historical evidence ect., and also scripture by scripture.
I have the NJB with references which is helpful but I’m looking for something with more in depth info. Thanks.


I highly recommend the Aquinas Study Bible website, which ahs every book of the Bible and many Catholic commentaries for each. The link is on my signature.


An excellent online (free) Catholic Bible study with topical studies, documents, maps and charts and references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Doesn’t have a study for every book completed yet but certainly enough to keep you busy.


Try the Navarre Bible. It is an extended commentary on the Bible that uses papal documents, Church fathers, and scholastic thinkers to justify its interpretations. It also has good book introduction features that give a Catholic perspective on the findings of textual criticism and historicism. The project was initially started by St. Jovemaria Escriva and was carried on by faithful Catholic theologians in Spain.


Thanks all for your input. I checked the referrences and put them on my desktop. I’m already using them in my study; especially the Agape Bible Study is very easy to follow.
Thanks again.


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