Bible Study

I teach bible study to children between the ages of 6 to 10 at my parish. Currently we are studying through the Great Adventure Bible Study. I don’t always go by the program. Sometimes I teach bible stories through a puppet show and then have the children do crafts based on the bible. I don’t want any tips for RCIA. Also my bible study is all year long so VBS would not be a good idea. What are some ways I can get children to understand the bible according to the Catholic Church?

I’m still waiting on a answer.

The Catholic Church teaches all things good come from God whether it is found in the church or elsewhere. To this age group I would think this fundamental understanding would be the root of all teaching. Therefore, teaching what is “good”, “joy”, “happiness” is understanding the bible according to the Catholic Church.

I’m sure “how” to do this is a bit more challenging and I think our best teaching tool for any age group is to teach/lead by example.


I’m not trying to start a debate with you. My bible study class is a place where children worship God to together and learn at the same time.

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