Bible study?

My wife was invited to a christian bible study, and we think we should go because they have an area where children play. Our daughter is almost 3 and we really want to socialize her. I was wondering if people thought it would be ok for us to go? We will be bringing our Carholic bibles, and this might be the only real exposure to Catholicism they would have.

I really don’t think “so my daughter can play” is a good reason to go to a non-Catholic bible study.

Find a Catholic bible study to attend and make play dates with friends for your daughter.

There is no such bible study here that we know of, and it’s with her gymnastics coach. Why shouldn’t we go?

Hi Ike, just thinking if it is a non-Catholic bible study maybe they wouldn’t appreciate hearing what a Catholic had to say about things. Or even worse, you might be taught wrong things and take you away from the teachings of the Church which Jesus entrusted the teaching of the faith with.

Wouldn’t it be better for you to go to a Catholic bible class, so you will learn about the bible from a Catholic perspective not a protestant one? Bible study is also a time of enriching your spirit, to bring in Catholic vs Protestant teaching might be a vehicle to bring in argument which might not be conducive to experiencing the Holy Spirit.

As a non-Catholic, I would welcome a Catholic perspective to any Bible study I attend, as long as the person was respectful of the views of the other participants. And if you had concerns that something you heard in the study was incorrect, ask a priest or post a question on here.

Most Catholic churches have bible enrichment classes, if the one near you doesn’t have one maybe another nearby would have one or suggest one be started.

Because they will “teach” a protestant interpretation of the meaning of the text.

For example, if they covered the Gospel of John and got to the Bread of Life discourse (which takes up most of Chapter 6), I assure you that they won’t admit what the text plainly says over and over again (“My flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink”). They will try to explain it away as merely symbolic language.

They won’t mention Sacramental Confession if they cover John 20:23. They won’t mention the primacy of Peter (from which the Papacy derives) if they cover Matthew 16:18. If they study the Book of Daniel, they will miss the significance of the defilement of the Temple vessels (a type of sacramental). They will offer interpretations of these (and many other) passages which are contrary to sound Catholic doctrine.

Going to protestants to study the Bible is like going to astrologers to study astronomy. They look at the same stars, but in very different ways. You will get incomplete and error-filled instruction.

A lot depends on your own level of knowledge about Catholicism and about Scripture. One concern is that you will be learning things contrary to Catholic teaching (if they didn’t think differently from us, they would be Catholic, right?). So how knowledgeable are you about what Catholicism teaches and why?

I have a friend who was involved in a Protestant bible study. Some of them were rather anti-Catholic, though not overtly so at first. Still, there were those who wanted to convert her. (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing; I’d love to bring every non-Catholic home to Rome!)

She almost left the Church. She was about to leave when a friend convinced her she had to first hear a priest who does a great job of teaching Catholicism.

She stayed with the Church, and now goes to daily Mass. And there are some in her bible study who thinks she is making a huge mistake, but now she is solid so I don’t worry about her. Now she understands Church teachings and Scripture.

But if you are a beginner to Bible studies, they might be able to “show you” how Catholicism is not Biblical. That is the claim some make, and they can be convincing if you don’t have a strong knowledge of Scripture and of the Church.

Because their goal is to convert you. That’s why you were invited. I came from a tradition (evangelical) that did this. And it won’t be blatant.

I as a convert from evangelicalism could not fathom attending one of their bible studies again. They have a very very erroneous view of scripture and it will be presented as truth.

Is your faith strong enough to withstand this?

Surely there is a catholic or multi denominational study out there.

If there is not, start one! I’m sure there are plenty of families in your parish that would join!

Check these out catholic org. Interdenominational.

Hi Brenden,

I would call the local Catholic parishes in your area to see if they have any Bible study groups that are already meeting. If you aren’t successful that way, then I would call your Archdiocesen office and ask them for a list of parishes in your area that might be offering Bible studies.

I live in a smaller town, and sometimes what the parishes do here is that they will often share their resources or services, etc., so that there aren’t any duplication of services in some areas. For example, one parish might offer a seminar, series, or a Bible study for the parishes in the area.

Well said, and if they discuss the AntiChrist of course it might be the Pope in their opinion and on it goes…

No, you shouldn’t and here is what the staff apologists have to say in answer to this question.

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If you aren’t sure then ask your pastor or DRE in your parish about a study. There are lots of them out there for Catholics that are very good. If they don’t have one then ask if you can volunteer to help lead one, but I would never turn to a n-C group for any such thing because 1) the church discourages it, and 2) it’s their party and you will find your faith challenged at almost every turn, especially with their fundamental error of Sola Scriptura and its deceptive concept that we must read and interpret scripture for ourselves. Basically, all you’ll get is their personal opinions without the benefit of the 2,000 years of scholarship that the church has.

Socializing your child is not a good reason to do any of this. A good parish day care would be far better…and again, check with your parish.

“As Iron sharpens Iron” Proverbs 27:17. Challenges help you grow.

Then you have taken an in-depth Catholic Bible study, and you know how to refute all the Protestant interpretations, and you know where they would be made, or omitting Catholic teachings, such as all the instances which David Filmer pointed out? Then you are a better man than I. I have taken several Great Adventure Bible studies from Jeff Cavins and while they have increased my knowledge of the Bible considerably, I would never ever envision myself going to a non-Catholic Bible study because it would be far too easy to hear and accept uncatholic teachings and be subtly evangelized by the non-Catholics attending.

Then talk to your pastor about starting one.

Because you are a Catholic, not a non-Catholic. Interpretation of the bible is from WITHIN the Church and magisterium, which non-Catholics do not believe. Bible study needs to use approved materials that do not have errant interpretation or faulty theology.

And, on a personal level, bible studies in which non-Catholics invite Catholics go one of two ways, either the non-Catholics are trying to convert the Catholic or it becomes a scriptural grenade lobbing endeavor.

If you are not VERY well versed in the bible, and VERY strong in Catholic theology it is also a danger that you will be misled by their teachings.

Before joining this bible study, you should run it by your pastor.

They will teach error. It is not right to put your faith in danger.

I would only go if my faith was very strong and my understanding of Biblical theology very sound.


I’m a new Catholic so I haven’t been exposed to much Catholic teaching beyond daily Mass, CAF, Inquiry class, the Catholic Bible study at my church (where they taught a bunch of New Age nonsense that had nothing to do with Catholicism or Christianity) and a couple dozen Catholic books I’ve read recently, but I can’t seem to figure out where the huge differences in Catholic and the type of Protestantism I have been exposed to are. I can’t identify the non/anti-Catholic spin that make Protestant Bible studies so dangerous. I’m not saying it isn’t out there, just that I haven’t been exposed to it.

What type of Bible study is it? Is it Beth Moore or Anne Graham Lotz or Priscilla Shirer, something like that? Maybe do a bit more research into what the topic and focus are. Find out what book or video series they’ll be using so you can review it first. Then be prepared for you and your wife to be looking for inconsistencies with Catholic teaching.

If it’s a Bible study on the meaning of Communion/Eucharist, she might want to skip it.

If I wanted challenges instead of just the Word of God, then I can go anywhere and get that, or just wait for the Mormons or JWs to show up at my door. If you knew My Testimony you’d know that I have probably been “sharpened” by the new waves of doctrines of men quite enough.

And not even then because if his parish lacks a study of their own then they need to step up and get one going with their pastor and DRE, but look at his stated reason…to socialize their 3 years old. Good grief, you can do that in the children’s room at Mass couldn’t you?

There’s just no good reason to go there for either Bible study or socializing a 3 year old.

Here again, even though you’re a bit of a n00b you might wanna step up and get with your pastor to get a good class going. There are a lot of good resources around that you can get the parish to invest in. One that I would very highly recommend is Dr. Edward Sri’s Biblical Walk Through the Mass | Study Program . It’s so good that we all asked the DRE if it could be made part of the RCIA program.

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