Bible Translation in Brasil?


Does anyone know what Bible Translation the Catholic Church uses for Mass in Brasil?



According to the Wikipedia article on Portuguese Bibles, the translation of the Bible that is published by the Brazilian Conference of Catholic Bishops (the Bíblia Sagrada da CNBB) is based off the texts used in the Lectionary, but revised. It seems likely to me that the Lectionary was translated independently of the Bible and came first, so that their Bible could be based on the Lectionary, rather than the Lectionary being based on an already-published Bible.

See also here:

Or this Google Translation version of that same page:


Thanks. That makes sense, I guess. So, what would be the best bible to get for reading in Portuguese?

There are some English/Portuguese bibles. Id like one for moving there and learning the language. I just want one as close to the Mass translation as possible.

P.S. just saw and checked the link you gave…thanks, that looks nice.


Get the Bíblia Sagrada da CNBB that I linked you to in the last post.


da Bíblia de Jerusalém, além da Ave-Maria, e da CNBB


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