Bible Validity Question


I am Catholic, but during colllege I wasn’t a practicing Catholic nor did I have a strong Catechism backround.
Some of the professors I had stated that the Bible couldn’t be trusted since it was translated 21 times. In addition they also taught that the Catholic Church was corrupt pointing to the Spanish Inquisition, Pope Innocent III (stated he had his own assasination squad), and the money corrupted monestaries. Is there any truth this? Or have been taught incorrect history? When comfronted with challenges against the Bible, what is a good defense?


Unfortunately, you were fed large doses of liberal theology by liberal theologians. What you were taught about the Bible and the Church can be easily refuted. Here are a few reading recommendations that will start you on the road to “recovery”:

The Errors of Theological Liberalism/Neo-Modernism

*Free From All Error * by Father William Most
Electronic copy at


*Characters of the Inquisition * by William Thomas Walsh

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