Bible versions with simpler language


are there any versions of the bible where the language is easier?

my friend is interested in Catholicism and is trying to read the bible but she says she is having a hard time understanding it because of the language used.

I asked her which version she has but apparently it doesn’t say. it is a catholic bible though.

she’s only 16. any suggestions?


“The Message” Bible might be of interest. It’s in simplified contemporary English. It came out in a Catholic version a couple of years ago.

Ordering info is here:

An entry about it from the Catholic Bibles Blog is here:


The New Jerusalem Bible.


Try the New American Bible…this is the translation that’s used in the lectionary, and is easy to follow. I would avoid the paraphrase-types…they are interpretations rather than translations, and can be confusing.


Catholic Youth Bible


The Catholic Youth Bible would be a good place to start for a 16 year old. :thumbsup:

My Go-to bible is The Good News Bible which I find easy to read and understand, and for Adult Scripture Study we use The Little Rock Catholic Study Bible which helps with the understanding of the passages.


The New American Bible is what is used at Mass in the US, and is pretty plain worded.

I don’t care for the various “youth” Bibles…they tend to fool around with the translations too much.


Easiest modern English Bible I have ever read:
“Holy Bible contemporary English version,” children’s illustrated edition, CEV, American Bible Society.

This Bible is an official translation from the original parchments to modern English language. Not old English language which can be hard to understand.

Children’s edition only means there are a few coloured pictures, only a few (In the book).

It is fantastic, I really really recommend it. I am an adult and I love reading this Bible.
Everything is so easy to understand while the English is still.loyal to the original Bible parchment and scrolls.

Buy it on

You will love this Bible :slight_smile:


She might also like Matthew Kelly’s book “Rediscover Catholicism” (it could bring her back to the church :slight_smile:

Definitely if you could also just hand to her a book on the lives of the saints (they experienced God’s miracles first hand, their lives are so inspiring)

Padre Pio
St John Bosco (two books: His life story, and his book “Forty Dreams of St John Bosco”)
The Dolourous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (book by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich)
St Faustina’s Diary
“ Lightning Gloria Polo Standing before the Judgement” (book)
“Get us out of here,” by Niki Eltz (book)

Any book on Marian Apparitions


If your friend is interested she would LOVE the following audio Bible, available from
“Truth and Life” (complete New Testament audio Bible download) I think it is 27 dollars,

It is stunning, famous actors reading out the whole Bible like a film series, with sound effects and background Orchestra score.
It has an imprimatur from Pope Benedict, and was inspired by the Passion of the Christ film,

It can be downloaded and then put on iTunes to ipad or iPhone or ipad,or to media player to mp3 player,or Android phone.

It can also be downloaded as an app on Android or apple, and read on screen while listening to the Bible scenes.


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