Bible w/ Revised Grail Psalms?


Is there a Bible approved for use by Catholics in the United States that uses the Revised Grail Psalms? If so, what version is it?



I’m not aware of one. I have the Revised Grail Psalms as a standalone paperback from GIA Publications.


What is it?



Rather than charging your parish BIG BUCK$$$ and being inundated with come-ons from a big publisher, why not settings from Illuminare Publications?gratis Try them out, and if you like them then you can purchase the Lumen Christi Missal or Simple Gradual, which features 100% licit texts and settings, all you need to sing the Mass. Big faceless publishers have nothing like it.


By “approved for use” do you mean in the Liturgy? Because ONLY the NAB* is approved for use by the USCCB in the Liturgy of the US.

  • by NAB we mean the unpublished NABRE that can not be found in Biblical form for sale to the public. It can only be found in “workbooks” used by Parish lectors, or in the Lectionary.

But if you mean for private reading than the UK has the NCB “New Catholic Bible.” It is the Jerusalem Bible with the Grail Psalms. It is approved for the Liturgy. I have the CTS printing “Catholic Truth Society” which comes in various sizes, and can be ordered on line.

I don’t know about the “revised” Grail Psalms or the “new” Jerusalem Bible however.


Revised Grail Psalter was approved by the USCCB, submitted to Rome, and received recognitio and approval from the Holy See. See the link I posted above.


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