Bible was copied from other societies?

If you think that the Jews committed deicide, then you are saying that Jesus is God Incarnate risen from the dead!

Quit trying to play the victim card, Zaki. It’s not working.


So, the bible is plagiarized from the Babylonian ,Sumerian,Ugaritic,and Assyrian tablets and texts…but I guess THAT is acceptable?

Here are some articles you might find of interest on the subject

I see you’ve read, and believe, what’s in the “Jesus Papers”. Sorry to say, nothing in the
OT scriptures was plagiarized from the pagan writings. Archaeology and many scholars have proven otherwise. Read your history of Judaism.

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You are falling into a logical fallacy of Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc. “After this, therefore because of this”

You must remember that the Judaic tradition was strictly oral for many years. Therefore things such as the story of the flood would obviously be written down first by the Sumerians because they invented writing.

This adds to, not subtracts from, the validity of the Bible.

You don’t suppose that the Sumerians are writing in reaction to the events brought on by Almighty God and that Noah, Cain and Abel, the flood, and the other stories that Sumerians and other Mesopotamian cultures wrote of WERE the Bible tales? Plagiarism is a weak stretch IMO. I don’t see why other cultures couldn’t have written on these things and reported them as they saw them. The bible is not necessarily a copied rip-off.

Guess what is acceptable ?

Some parts of the Bible are very much like what is known from other literatures - but what of it ? All that would mean is that the Bible is not the oldest surviving literature: which is hardly news. The fact of similarities between Egyptian & Jewish Wisdom texts, or between Assyrian vassal-treaties & parts of Deuteronomy, or between Jewish ideas of kingship & ideas of kingship elsewhere, does not of itself tell us very much: to find what significance there may be in the apparent similarities, depends on looking at the details. It depends what you mean by “plagiarism”. Besides, the differences are as important in their way as the similarities; but this is not a topic that can be dealt with in sweeping generalisations.

Similar to is not = to same as.

Please read “A History of Israel” by John Bright. It should answer many, if not all, of your
questions. It is a thoroughly researched subject with many references ( bibliographies ).

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