Bible without Columns similar to a paperback


does anyone know where I can purchase a bible that is in the format of a paperback without the columns? I have a 1962 Angelus Press New Testament RSV, but it’s falling apart. I’d love to find a replacement.



Here is one:


I believe the Reader’s Edition of the Jerusalem Bible has a single-column format, which is what I think you’re looking for; like standard novel paperbacks or whatever.


The Knox Bible from Baronius Press is not only beautifully written and translated, but has a single column format. It’s very well made, especially for a Catholic Bible, and wonderful to read from.


Thank you everyone!


+1 on the above suggestions. Also, Little Rock Catholic Study Bible.


+1 to all of the above. I just bought a copy this week and it’s fantastic. A little pricey but worth it.


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