Hello all.

Can someone send me an “easy to read” catholic bible?

Assuming you have an extra laying around…

Of course, i can point you to a PO Box if you feel safer doing that… Also, i’m willing to talk and negotiate as well… I’m just trying to hide this all from my mother, even though I’m 19… I live in the same house. Needless to say, she grew up Episcopalian…

Not sure of what you mean by an “easy to read” Bible. The Bible is the Bible. Have you tried going to a local Catholic Church and meeting with a priest there and explaining things to him? I am sure they would be more than willing to assist you.

I do have an extra Bible, but like stated previously, not sure what “easy to read” means to you.

“Modern” English… as in, no KJV, please… I have had some success with the NIV, and I’d like a Catholic version of the NIV… If that makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading.

Here is an easy site to navigate through and also x-ref on key words and explainations.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I love my RSV 2nd Catholic Ed. (Ignatius Press).


Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch are in the process of constructing what will eventually be one of the BEST Catholic Study Bibles on the market. A Catholic Study Bible will contain the complete text, along with maps, scholarly commentary, introductory essays that explain the history and context of the times, mini-essays on difficult-to-translate passages, and so on, all from a Catholic perspective. Now unfortunately, the commentary for the Old Testament has only just been started, but the long awaited Ignatius Study Bible Complete New Testament will FINALLY be released on June 1. Here are some links to the various versions:



Leather Cover:

If I’m not mistaken, you can pre-order the paperback version on for less than $15 right now!

you can search it on any famous search engine…

I was hoping for a print version, but I guess i’ll just have to ask a Church :slight_smile:

the catholic youth Bible. $10.00 on amazon.

you may what to check with a local parish we give them to one who have need that can not afford it in RCIA.

The Douay Bible…based on the Vulgate…is really easy to work with. That’s the version I use for reading. has the Revised Standard Version - Catholic Edition as the text. It also has extensive cross-references to the Catechism, the teachings of the Popes, as well as from the Early Church Fathers. That’s what I use (online) for study (there’s also the Navarre Bible, but that’s in hardcover only)

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