Bibles booted from U.S. Navy base guest rooms


From the Washington Post:

The U.S. Navy will no longer allow Bibles and other religious materials in the guest rooms of Navy lodges, a decision that has infuriated some conservative groups, which recently learned about the new policy.

The Navy’s decision came after the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter questioning the constitutionality of religious literature in the Navy lodges’ 3,000 guest rooms.

The June 19 directive from the Navy Exchange Service Command, which runs the Navy’s 39 guest lodges in the U.S. and abroad, allows religious materials to be made available to guests. But it forbids religious items to be placed in guest rooms, aligning the command, known as NEXCOM, with U.S. Navy policy, said NEXCOM spokeswoman Kathleen Martin.

I have stayed in hotels/motels for many decades. If I choose to look for a Gideon’s Bible, I will look in the desk drawer. If I choose to not look for one, then I don’t go and look. I have never in my life felt compelled to look or to not look. I have never felt put upon by the existence of a Gideon’s Bible or the lack of a Gideon’s Bible.

For the life of me, I don’t understand what FFRF’s issue is.


Seems like the opposite end is going too far in separation of church and state.


“Navy’s decision came after the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter…”

Gutless. I have other words too, but cannot use them here. On our way to boot camp we were all given pocket bibles. How times have changed! :frowning:


Their issue is that they want to remove all references to religion from Western culture.


I am so sick of the Freedom From Religion Foundation trying to impose secularism on our nation. It is disgusting. Why do they have such a problem with Christians?


This atheist organization is most intolerant and not like many tolerant atheist people.

They are radical and uncivil…most untolerant…tables need to be turned. Unfortunately our law offices fighting such organizations are having so much work to do to defend our right to freedom of religious expression.

Too bad they can’t turn their angst to radical, extreme, murderous Islam terror groups.


Come on – I think you know why… because the Christian religion highlights a need to follow the immutable moral rules laid down by God. They have a problem with being reminded about these immutable rules of natural law because they are wallowing in the sins of the present age and don’t want to repent.


Yes! Plus, they know that Christians will not behead them…


yes this!


Because of this:

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The very nature of American governance is that rights come from God, and are antecedent to government. If one takes God out of the equation, rights then become the purview of government… to be taken and changed as deemed necessary by government. We see this today with language such as, “we will make ______ a right”.

It has nothing to do with atheists, per se, but generally with the progressive movement which opposes our constitutional representative republic.



Sounds more like an agenda to me…only a matter of time before this ‘restriction’ is put in place more widespread.


Would everyone here be cool with the Navy putting copies of the Qu’ran, Vedas, and Vinaya Pitaka in every desk drawer alongside the Bible?


I second this:


FFRF seems as intolerant as the Christians they claim to oppose. :smiley:


First of all, the Navy did not put a copy of the Bible in every room. They allowed them to be placed there (by the Gideons or some other evangelical group).

The question, then, that you should ask is if they would have approved of a request by another religious organization to place their materials in Navy Lodge rooms?

*]Would they have allowed the Suleyman Society to place copies of the Quran in guest rooms?
*]Would they have allowed Militant Atheists For America to place copies of The God Delusion in guest rooms?
*]Would they have allowed the Ordo Templi Orientis to place a copy of Aleister Crowley’s The Book of the Law in guest rooms?

If the answer was “no” to any of the above, then the FFRF sadly might have had a point, since the US Government owns and/or operates Navy Lodges and they are not to favor one religion over another. But the above, to my knowlege, was not asserted at all.


My thoughts exactly. I thought just one letter? How gutless has the Navy become?


Not so much all religions. Just one. Christianity. Dictatorships, no matter what their ideology has always had one threat. Christianity. Communism, Nazism plus what ever “ism” you can think of has always hated Christianity. It is an hurdle they find must be over come before full control can be achieved… Christianity is not only one true religion, it is a religion were purposely or not promotes freedom.


Yeah, upon back-thinking the issue I must admit that I don’t see a whole lot of references to FFRF’s opposition to Islam, Buddhism, Asatru, etc.


True, but even the pledge of allegiance, says, ‘one nation UNDER GOD’, so someone going into the military is defending a country that has pretty much devoted itself to God, or at least recognizes God as the supreme being.

Furthermore, EVERY single motel and hotel in every state has bibles in the nightstand, pretty safe to say, there is probably alot of people with different religious beliefs staying at these hotels on a regular basis, yet no complaints about the bibles being there, not that Ive heard anyway, and I think if there had been a large amount of complaints about this, we would not see bibles in every room, but even brand new hotels going up, have the bibles in the rooms.


Separation of Church and State is dead. Atheism is the state religion of America and much of Europe. Christianity is dying nearly everywhere and morals are dying with it.

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