Biblia Clerus - The BEST website for Scripture Study


This is an official website from the Congregation of the Clergy that contains commentary on every passage of Scripture from Church Fathers and official church documents. It's incredible to be able to ask, "I wonder what Chrysostom thought about 1 Corinthians 3:5?" then to click on 1 Corinthians 3:5 and see what Chrysostom thinks about it!



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I also use these alot:


Wow! Thanks for sharing; this can be really helpful!


There is also this.....

Confraternity Bible:New Testament Commentary


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There is also this.....

Confraternity Bible:New Testament Commentary


Thanks! I love new resources like this.


There is also this:

Haydock 1859 Catholic Commentary on Scripture


Thank you, all of you, for these valuable references...I'm not computer literate, and these will be a great help.


Ooooooh! How glorious!

Thank you for sharing that!


I like a lot of the links that were added here. I use Haydocks Commentary a lot.

Another good one, though, only New Testament is:


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