Biblical Authority and Adam and Eve


A topic that has interested me is where authority from God is manifested in the Bible. God’s authority was first rejected by Adam and Eve in the garden. It appears important that the tree of forbidden fruit is the tree of knoiwledge of good and evil. So Adam and Eve are the first humans to reject the authroity of God in deciding what is good and what is evil.

Moses is the first person that I can see that was given any authority from God. Moses also passed on this authority to others, by suggestion from his father inlaw Jethro, who were sound and rightous men. This is also seen with Aaron and his sons as apponted priestly leaders of the Hebrew people.

Jesus was given authority from God at His baptism in the Jordan River. This was confirmed at His transfiguration on the mountain in front of Peter, James and John. If giving Peter the keys to the kingdon does not pass on this authroity from Jesus to Peter than what is this statement supposed to mean?

If this authroity does not reside with the successor of Peter than where is it to be found?

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