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I heard that Tim Staples can prove all the protestant questions regarding Mary by just using the bible, can all of you share it?


I will not be the one to quote such scripture (that should be left up to the apologetics), but I will say this. The very questions protestants have spark from the very doctrine and dogma concerning Mary that the Roman Catholic Church has. And where, you might ask does the RC Church get its doctrine and dogma? Oh yeah, that’s right, scripture.

So yes, it can be done and is every day on these boards.


[quote=Pythagoras]I heard that Tim Staples can prove all the protestant questions regarding Mary by just using the bible, can all of you share it?

In the story of the Marriage Feast at Cana, in John 2, we see (a) Mary interceding; (b) Christ saying “It’s none of your business and your timing is bad, anyway”; (3) Mary confident that Christ will answer her intercession affirmatively; (d) Christ violating His Own assurances that “It’s none of your business and your timing is bad, anyway” when He suddenly cooperates with Mary’s intercession, and provides the waters of salvation activated by His saving blood.

Note well that Jesus calls Mary-the-Intercessor “woman” in John 2; and then, as He hangs from the cross, He calls her “woman” again as He formally places John – and in principle the Church, in her care.

There it is – Mary the Intercessor.

In Ezekiel 17, in the Parable of the Two Eagles, the first of the two eagles plants the uppermost branch of a cedar tree in a “fertile field” and it grows up into a mighty vine. In Bible typology, the uppermost branch of the cedar tree which becomes a vine is Christ. The “fertile field” in which He is planted is a place not in need of salvation. That’s the womb of immaculately-conceived Mary.

There it is – the immaculate conception.

In Revelation 12, the woman who is the mother of the Child Who Will Rule the World with an Iron Rod is Jesus’s mother Mary. There she is given “two wings of an eagle.” Those two wings are her assumption into Heaven. She flies to a special place “in the desert” because Mary never quite left the world-in-need-of-salvation. She has appeared at Fatima, LaSalette, Lourdes, and elsewhere.

There it is – the Assumption.


This is a good web site that has the biblical references to all Marian beliefs.

Note that all Marian beliefs have a foundation in Scripture. they may not be explicitly defined in Scripture, but they do at least implicitly have a basis in Scripture.

For instance, nowhere in Scripture does the bible ever say, mary was assumed into Heaven or Mary was Immacualtely conceived.
But the Scriptures give ample evidence for these beliefs.

Remember to ask any evangelical, when they say, " where is X in the bible", ask them to show you where the bible says that the bible is the sole rule of faith and morals.
After you show them the lack of basis for the 2Timothy passage, they won’t have an answer, then you can question their whole belief system, that of Sola Scriptura.


[quote=Pythagoras]I heard that Tim Staples can prove all the protestant questions regarding Mary by just using the bible, can all of you share it?

Hey if you want to here it from Tim Staples himself go to the St Joseph communications and order the 9 cd set on Mary it is Called All generations shall call me blessed.



I have Tim Staple’s 9 tape set on Mary and it’s FANTASTIC!!! There are 7 Biblical proofs for the Perpetual Virginity of Mary, 6 Biblical proofs for the Immaculate Conception and I think 3 Biblical proofs for the Assumption and he also covers Theotikos (sp), Queen of Heaven, Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix, etc… Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix are more Communion Of Saints than Marian doctrine so they aren’t covered quite as well since he has a seperate tape 4 set on the Communion of Saints which is also awesome.

I am in the process of outlining the tape on Mary’s Perpetual Virginity for someone else and will post it when I get it done. I think it’s absolutely solid stuff. Of course, others would disagree with me. I can summarize MPV below, but KIM it’s a SUMMARY and the scriptural references are not complete.


  1. Mary as the New East Gate - if you look at the old East Gate in the OT, only God entered the world through it and it was shut permanently after that. (EZ 40:1-2)…

  2. Mary as the New Ark of the New Covenant - again, if you look at the details of the Ark in the OT, you will discover that the only person who could touch the Ark was the high Priest. Anyone else was killed.

  3. Christ entrusts Mary to John on the cross… Now, if you look at Acts 1:14, the “brothers of the Lord” are there with the Apostles and Mary in the upper room. If they were truly “sons of Mary,” there is no way that Christ would have entrusted Mary to John.

  4. The language at the Annunciation is nuptual/consecrative in nature which means that the relationship established between Mary and the HS is a permanent relationship.

  5. Within the confines of Mary and Joseph being married (technically, they were actually married), Mary had someone else’s child. This is no small thing. Put yourself in Joseph’s shoes for a minute - OUCH!!! He had to have been heart broke. Anyway, the OT parallel is when David’s son attempted to usurp David’s throne by sleeping with 10 of his wives… David kept the wives and provided for them, etc., but did not “go unto them again.” I don’t want to imply an unfaithfulness on Mary’s part, but the fact remains that she had someone else’s child.

  6. Mary’s reply to the Angel (How will this be since I do not know man?) implies a vow of virginity - apparently, it was a tradition, albeit a rare tradition for a consecrated virgin to marry. I don’t particularly care for this one, however, it is plausible. Again, consider the fact that she was a married woman. She was basically being told that she was going to have a baby - that would be the normal expectation for a newly married couple.

  7. Can’t remember. LOL!!! Will look up and repost if anyone is interested.


I was always deeply, DEEPLY, DEEPLY offended by those radical Mariologists who interpret Ezekiel 40 as a detailed discussion of Mary’s genital region, which your Item #1 actually refers to.

It is outrageous beyond comprehension.

And ye-e-e-e-et, if you make the mistake of opposing radical Mariologists on this point, they accuse you of discussing Mary inappropriately.


My bad… (EZ 40:1-2) should be Ez 44:1-2, I am horrendously bad at quoting the Bible… I always get close, but not perfect.


Very interesting for southamerican protestants that don´t want to see The Church Fathers


Lk 1:28, 30 - angel: "full of grace, found favor with God
Lk 1:42 - Elizabeth: "most blessed among women"
Lk 1:48 - Mary: “all generations will call me blessed”

Mother of God
Lk 1:43 - Elizabeth calls her “mother of my Lord” = God
Mt 1:23 - virgin bear a son, Emmanuel = "God is with us"
Lk 1:35 - child born will be called holy, the Son of God
Gal 4:4 - God sent his Son, born of a woman

The Assumption
Gn 5:24 (Hb 11:5) - Enoch taken to heaven without dying
2Kg 2:11 - Elijah assumed into heaven in fiery chariot
Mt 27:52 - many saints who had fallen asleep were raised
1Thess 4:17 - caught up to meet the Lord in the air
1Cor 15:52 - we shall be instantly changed at the last trumpet
Rom 6:23 - for the wages of sin is death
Rev 11:19-21 - ark in heaven = woman clothed in sun

The Immaculate Conception
Lk 1:28 - hail full of grace[highly favored] Lord is with you
Lk 1:30 - you have found favor with God
Lk 1:37 - for with God nothing shall be impossible
Gn 3:15 - complete enmity between woman & Satan, sin
Ex 25:11-21 - ark made of purest gold for God’s word
*Rom 3:23 - all have sinned & are deprived of God’s glory
*Lk 1:47 - my spirit rejoices in God my Savior

Perpetual Virginity
Lk 1:34 - how can this be, since I do not know man
Lk 2:41-51 - age 12, Jesus evidently only son of Mary
Mk 6:3 - “the son of Mary” not “a son of Mary”
*Mt 13:55-56 - brothers James, Joseph, Simon & Jude
Mt 27:56 - Mary the mother of James & Joseph also
Jn 19:25 - Mary the wife of Clopas
Jn 19:26 - entrusted Mary to John, not a younger sibling
Jn 7:3-4 - brothers advise like elders: "go to Judea, manifest self"
unthinkable for younger siblings (see next verse)
Mk 3:21 - set out to seize him, “he is out of his mind”
*Mt 1:25 - Joseph knew her not until she bore first-born
Mt 28:20 - I am with you always, until the end of the age
1Tim 4:13 - until I arrive, attend to reading, teaching…
1Cor 15:25 - he must reign until has enemies underfoot
Lk 1:80 - John in desert until day of his manifestation
Ex 13:2; Nb 3:12 - consecrate first -born that opens womb
Ex 34:20 - first-born among your sons you shall redeem


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