Biblical City of Sodom?

Has the biblical city of Sodom been found in southern Jordan? Archaeologist, Steven Collins, thinks so.

Sodom, destroyed along with Gomorrah as a punishment for deviant behaviour, might have been excavated in the location known as Tall el-Hamaam. The Bronze Age city is expansive and fits the biblical account rather well, in that it was inhabited twice, with a long gap of 700 years inbetween.

There may be better articles around than my link, but its gives the basic news.

Amazing what happens when you turn over rocks. :hammering:

As I said in another thread, all that we know for now is that Collins discovered a Bronze Age city-state. He might personally believe that it is the biblical Sodom, but whether it is in reality really Sodom or not is something that we don’t know yet. It could be, it could be not. (To be honest, there have been a lot of false starts in the past - especially in the 19th century when archaeologists were all too eager to identify every other place they dig up with some biblical site - so I’m not really holding my breath. If it is, then good, we’ve found another biblical site; if not, hey, at least we found another settlement in the region that might tell us something.)

And even if it was Sodom, the fact that it does exist IRL isn’t an automatic indicator or proof that the biblical account of its destruction is literally true. Whether Sodom existed or not is one thing; whether it was really destroyed the way Genesis describes it is another.

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