"Biblical Commission: homosexual unions should not be condemned"

The Spanish language report of this information can be found here:

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No, the sky is not falling. I’ll defer judgement until we get an official statement. I’m betting that some blogger is misrepresenting.


Hilary White is a great pro-life Catholic reporter. I’d love to see her commentary on this topic.

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The Pontifical Biblical Commission has published a new document. I imagine something from it is the basis for the infovaticana report.

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If this is true, how do they " reimburse" that judge her communion?

Let’s hope so.

If it turns out to be true, that would show the sky has gotten pretty wobbly, but true, not falling, thanks to Our Lord’s protection.

Sometimes I look at my faith and then the Catholic voices today and I don’t recognize them as compatible. Maybe I am not Catholic?


Maybe it is the modernist voices that are not Catholic.


I found another article on this, and while the text appears to be close to what Hilary White posted, it is not exact. It isn’t necessarily all good, but it isn’t as bad as saying outright: “homosexual unions should not be condemned”

Here are the parts of the article about homosexuality:

While the exact quote, “homosexual unions should not be condemned” doesn’t seem to appear in there, some of this text does seem to imply that this is the argument that they are making. The statement that “Christians must preserve ‘the values the sacred text intends to promote, avoiding the literal translation of that which bears traces of the culture of the time’” seems to imply that we shouldn’t be condemning gay marriage, with respect to the part of the bible that they are talking about. “Taking the investigation of homosexuality further” is a clue towards what their true intentions may be (i.e., maybe homosexuality isn’t really wrong after all, we just don’t know enough about the science behind it yet!)

So while it isn’t all doom and gloom yet, there are reasons to be concerned about this, in my opinion.


This seems to be espousing the theology of “queering the Church.” I have read the arguments before. It looks like an agenda is being pushed. This co-incides with the German Bishops’ push to reappraise the issue. These are confusing and unsettling times. Pray, pray pray


I felt like that when I learned the full extent of the pedophile scandal

How can this issue still be considered open to investigation?

I’m losing patience with the perpetual revisiting matters which the Church has settled.


I can already hear these Catholics saying, “We just dont know if God might choose to allow a man to impregnate another man. God’s mystery is unfathomable!”


I agree. And with that the Church should probably not “explore” sexual matters that are disordered.


Don’t let modernist views discourage you. Hold onto to your Bible your catechisms and maintain the traditional and historical teachings of the faith.


In Genesis 1the creation events, including man, conclude this way:
And it was good
And it was good
And it was good
And it was very good.
I think words like disordered challenge this fundemental reality of creation in the minds and lives of gay people. I know I do not intend to add to these peoples pain and burden.
And it isn’t modernist to have compassion or empathy. Mercy is the essence of orthodox Christianity. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less Catholic for having it

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Do you think God created every sexual appetite good?

The fact that you are concerned with reimbursing her with the Eucharist and not her amending her lifestyle tells everyone reading how serious to take you on this matter. Thanks for that.

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People motivated to do Satan’s work have unlimited appetites.

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“And it was very good” was before Adam sinned. If you had read the rest of the page, or even the rest of the book, or even the rest of the Bible, you would have seen that the moment he sinned, the disorders that you say “contradict” that (and they do, because they were a result of a not good thing), came into being. So homosexuality didn’t exist prior to that fall, and the fact that it only existed after, as a result of the disordered inclinations to sin, proves it isn’t good.

It is not good, it is not moral, it is not right, and it certainly is never justified in Scripture.

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