Biblical Hell Video

Hey all, I put together a video on the need for love of God and repentance, and the consequences if this is rejected. Hell ofcourse being the consequence, I tried to recreate what it would look like and sound like from the description of Hell that Our Blessed Lord gave us in the Scriptures, and I also used Near Death Experiences as reference points.

Many Saints have also told us of their visions of Hell, including visions of multitudes falling headlong into Hell, Scripture obviously repeatedly mentions Hell, sometimes as “destruction” , “damnation” etc, etc. **and yet this Reality is sooo seldom mentioned today , to the eternal detriment of precious souls I believe. **

My aim is to have people experience a fraction of what Hell may be like, so that people may repent, return God’s Love which He has for them , and realise the hideousness of sin. Our Lord showed many saints Hell, in FULL GRAPHIC detail (St Faustina, Bl Josefa Menendez etc etc etc), and he didnt even spare little children the sight, as we see in the Fatima children’s case.

If you think it may help someone you know to repent through watching something like whats in this video, then I’ll post the link here, you are also welcome to embedd it on your site.

THIS IS A VERY STRONG VIDEO, NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED, My aim being that whoever watches it will do whatever it takes to return God’s love and avoid that place, which is REAL and yet so seldom mentioned, as Ive said, to the detriment of so many precious souls. Let’s not forget, if this video helps save one precious soul from Eternal Hellfire, it’ll be very valuable.

I leave it to your discretion how to use this video as you all may see fit.

As Bart Simpson said when he saw Hell (the Hieronymous Bosch “Garden of Earthly Delights” version, as I recall)…cool!

I love it! I am wondering why you have something about 2012 at the end of it. The screaming of all the people in the clip made the hair stand up on the back of my neck! Very powerful!! Great job!

I am also wondering why you have the 2012 thing at the end?

The bible says that we do not know when the end will come, we are just supposed to be ready for it everyday.

I just left a comment, Butterbreezy thats me :blush:

but yah, i wondered the same thing? why the 2012 reference, christians are not mayans, in that we believe the end of the world will come like a thief in the night and NO man will predict it.

Charlotte408 and everyone, I left a comment on the youtube page, I will post it here as well for all to see, hope this helps, blessings (Oh and please click on the Awesome star to rate the video (its the 5th star) all to the Glory of God :):
Butterbreezy, I put in the comment about 2012 because I have reliable information, from Lindsay Williams ( guest on the Alex Jones Show) that certain secret societies that are running this world (proof: Occultic symbols on $1 U.S. bill, among others) are planning to go after Iran around 2012. They use the Mayan calendar for their various plans apparently. When that war breaks, it is planned to spill over the borders of Iran. From all my research Ive done on this topic, I believe Lindsay.

I do wanna emphasise, this does *NOT *mean the end of the world, the era of peace has still to follow and that will come after the Great Chastisement, as seen in the Book of Revelation. ** The very final Battle, as seen in Revelation, no-one knows when that will take place.

Are you referring to the Free Masons?

Some of the symbols on the $1 bill are Masonic, and if you draw a pentagram on the back of the bill, each point of the pentagram points to a letter on the bill, spelling “Mason” , There are of course many secret societies forming a complicated network; the Illuminati, Skull and Bones etc. Lindsay Williams described “the Elite of the world” that he personally knows simply as Luciferian. You may be interested in watching the “Dark Secrets of Bohemian Grove” and be informed as to what quite a number of politicians, CEO’s and other influential people in society do once a year in a Californian forest called Bohemian Grove, free to watch on youtube.

I don’t need to watch any of these videos or writings to know it’s complete and utter rot. And your video looks more like a cheap horror film than any halfway decent attempt at evangelization. It looks more like something Jack Chick would cook up.

Please don’t waste any more of our time with this garbage.

Thank you for your opinion, that’s what freedom of speech should always be about.

I did my best to warn people of the reality of Hell, Jesus did His best too, and the Evengalists, and the Prophets and All the Bible writers, and Our Lady of Fatima did her best too, and she used **young children ** as her messengers of the fact, so I am in good company I think, and if I get criticised by you, thats Ok, because you’re at the same time criticising all the above people too, so again, I feel I’m in good company.
God Bless you and Love you.:slight_smile:

Oy vey, what I mean is, don’t give people nightmares or make them repent solely through fear of punishment. It’s a pretty simple concept, k?

I apologize if I wasn’t clear, but I hope I am now. Take it to heart or don’t, it’s your choice.

There is absolutely NO TRUTH to this video. It is garbage used to scare people into a fake security through accepting Christ.

Accepting Christ will not get you saved.

Hell is neither eternal or forever. As we learn from God in His word the Bible,
And we read:
Rev 20:14 Then **Death **and **Hades **were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

***God defines the lake of fire as the Second Death. The Second Death is forever. This verse teaches that Death, which means Spiritual Death which is caused by Sin, AND Hades, which is defined as Hell. Hell is defined as death,pit and grave. The word Sheol in Hebrew and Hades in Greek mean Hell, Hell is defined as death, a pit or the grave in every single verse ever in which these words appear. Hell is simply death. It means you are dead. It means you are dead physically and Spiritually. It means you never have conscience existence or thought ever ever again. Hell is not a place of torment and pain. The Lord speaks in parables and it all points to either spiritual salvation through Christ, or Spiritual Death through Sin. There is no place of Hell you go to suffer in, once you die, and your unsaved, that is it. your gone forever. no suffering, you just cease to be, extinguished.

1Cor 15:26 The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.

And what death is God talking about here? The death in question is SPIRITUAL DEATH, which is the result of Sin, which is eternal.

And we read in Genesis 2:17
Genesis 2:17
But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

This is the first command from God, the first ever, and it was broken. The punishment for breaking Gods Perfect Law, would be Gods Perfect Judgment. His Judgment for breaking His Law is death. That is spiritual death. For Man was made in the image of God, which is eternal and spiritual, and through the breaking of Gods Law, God extinguished the spiritual soul of Man. That iniquity is given to us all. The stain of Original Sin.

Rev 20:15 And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.

And what is the Lake of Fire? what does the Lake of Fire truly mean!!! It means the end of Spiritual Death, the end of Satan, the end of Hell[Death], and the end of Sin, which is the cause of Spiritual Death, which is the work of Satan, which leads to Hell, which is simply Spiritual Death and nothingness.

Rev 19:20 Then **the beast[Satan] **was captured, and with him **the false prophet[Satan] **who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast[Satan] and those who worshiped his[Satan] image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Daniel 7:11 "I watched then because of the sound of the pompous[great] words which the horn was speaking; I watched till the beast[Satan] was slain, and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame.

Rev 21:8 "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.

The Lake of Fire, is the Second Death, which is eternal infinity bazillion times bazillion forever erased and gone and never to come back and never to feel or see or have consciousness or to be remembered or have a second chance or anything. You are gone disappeared erased over and out destroyed and blotted out of the Book of Life by Gods finger. Gone.

Hell is death, and death is eternal. This video is used to scare people into a false relationship with Christ. The only way to find Christ, is in His word the Bible, that is why you can’t ACCEPT Christ, because that is a work, The only way for faith, which is the result of Christ giving you a new resurrected soul, is by His word, because Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God, which is the bible. You should change the end part of 2012 which has nothing to do with anything, and is contrary to the Bible which is the word of God because Mayans are people and God is eternal and the end of the world will never happen unless God allows it, and the only document you should ever trust is the the Bible, and you should put on the end to READ THE BIBLE for COMFORT.
thank you

I am going to skip watching the video.

I’ve listened to enough Hell sermons (see below) and become familiar enough with what it is actually like for my imagination to be more than sufficient enough for me in that regard.

Of course nothing we can imagine so lightly here can compare to it truly. But what we can imagine is more than enough for me.

Quite motivating.

*"Accepting Christ will not get you saved.

Hell is neither eternal or forever"*
Uhmmmm…this may be news to you but…thats a Heresy. The Eternity of Hell is something thats already been debated centuries ago by the Fathers of the Church and the Church has since DEFINED the Eternity of Hell as a Dogma…Please, we dont need any more opinions, please stick to the Dogmas of the Holy Catholic Church.

*The only way to find Christ, is in His word the Bible, that is why you can’t ACCEPT Christ, because that is a work, The only way for faith, which is the result of Christ giving you a new resurrected soul, * Sounds like Faith Alone to me, again the Council of Trent Defined that we are NOT saved by faith alone, another Dogma.

Are you Catholic , or any particular denomination? I’ve never heard of a Resurrected Soul before. I presume you believe Christ will resurrect “bodiless” souls??

Fear of Hell may be a good start to eventual Love of God. I’m sure Jesus and the Holy Spirit , who is the Author of the Bible, had that in mind when they gave us Graphic details of Hell. No matter what you say, lots of Bible verses about Hell are simply SCARY, that’s just Undeniable.

Also people who have Horrifying Near Death Experiences about Hell, OFTEN go public, despite criticism and ridicule. They do it out of zeal for souls and often due to direct instruction from God.

Christ often told mystics such as St Teresa of Avila, St Faustina , Bl. Josefa, to write for “all His Children”, and if you peruse these writings you will notice some Extremely Graphic Depictions of Hell.

Anyway if God Himself doesn’t convince you through these facts, the I don’t have a hope.
Take care.

I was almost OK with the video, other than the fact it’s pretty much standard fear tactics to get someone to believe, and, fairly cheesy at best, UNTIL I read the above post.

Seriously man, as soon as you start mentioning the masons, pentagram on money, and uh, the bohemian grove, you lose what very little credibility you had to begin with. This type of stuff is what give religion, of any faith or denomination, a very bad name.

Now excuse me while I go don my tin foil hat, and put on my summer underwear. :wink:

He is one of those poeple on youtube (maybe same one) who post bunch of “hell” videos on youtube by using Saint Bridget Birgitta (?) and hollywood movie clips (vide games) as their source. Good scaretactics, but God doesnt want you to love Him for the fear of hell, but for the wanting of Him alone. It’s importatant to share that, yes hell is real and far worst and scarier then these clips, but if one relies on God and puts themselves in His trust, then there is no need to fear hell only fear of the Lord (7 gifts of the Holy Spirit).

Thank you for your opinion, Free Speech is great isn’t it?

If you research those conspiracy FACTS that I mentioned, and then come back to me with Information that DISPROVES them,** I’d Love to know it**.
I really would like to believe that Satan is NOT the prince of this world , as Christ has said, and that the Occultism present in the media, on money, in Video Games, is just Pure COINCIDENCE, and has nothing to do with directly or indirectly attacking Christianity , and the culture of Life JPII spoke about.

But if you couldn’t be bothered researching these facts for yourself, then how can we have a serious discussion? Isn’t that just plain…bigotry??

Look… yes there are crazy people that run the world, that are out of their minds, some perhaps enough to become satanists. But like rotlex said, once you begin talking of conspiracies people get sort of turned off.

But I do agree that the US military is out of control, and more invasions aren’t unheard of. I know based on the hush-hush funding of the mujahadeen and certain groups in Eastern Europe that have been revealed as time goes on, it is not unheard of that similar weird things are happening now, that we’ll hear about in a few decades.

But listen, if you’re sick of this culture, of this government, don’t make little youtube videos, go pray outside an abortion clinic, go to a protest, spread the word while keeping the passion in check. It sounds like you have an unhealthy fixation with this stuff… a very dangerous path to be on. If you don’t do something, your complaints have no ground.

Also, asking for proof that there aren’t conspiracies is not the way to go. The burden of proof is on you. Just post some of your own words with a simple description of stuff that you’ve seen that proves this. There’s no use NOT sharing with us what you’ve learned.

Well I do spread the word in various ways thats for sure, Youtube is just another very effective outlet.
I would be very happy to share where I get my info from. Look at Alex Jones runs it, now sure he does go over the top at times (shouts sometimes at the top of his lungs, says things he probably shouldnt, he himself admits his faults), but you can’t beat documented evidence thats public, yet ignored by the media.
All his videos are free to watch on Youtube (Search Alex Jones) A very interesting one is Endgame. (Alex doesnt care about copying his videos, as long as theyre are not resold.)
Also check out for many more links.
Also see for Medical conspiracy Facts. Its all documented , and if you find websites that don’t back up their claims with documented evidence, then I myself will ask you not to believe it.

Also I will soon be producing another video to Replace the one Ive posted, that has been the topic of discussion in this thread, I will tone down the “Hell” imagery, even though its **Nothing ** compared to the REAL Hell.

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