Biblical passages/Catholic documents on prayer?


Sparked from the thread “Is it Biblical?” I didn’t wanna hijack that one so…

As a born and raised Protestant, soon to be Catholic, I’m curious:

Where are the biblical passages that state only God is able to hear prayers? Where exactly is this said? I’ve never seen it.


What biblical(or extra biblical) support is given for the Catholic side?

Just wanting answers to research and contemplate. Thanks to all who respond.


It does not exist.

It’s a straw man argument.


Do you mean prayer to others besides God or are you talking about prayers of confession through a priest?


Sorry, I mean prayers to the saints and others besides God


Here is the protestant side of this :


Thanks! Great article for the Protestant side.

Any documents/posts/thoughts on the Catholics debutal of this would be appreciated


Here is a link to an article at Catholic Answers (where this forum is) that may answer at least some of your questions:

Also, I recommend you visit John Martignoni’s Bible Christian Society web site at:

Look through his 2 minute apologetics area. I’m be surprised if he didn’t have something specific to this question.


Thank you! Great sites to answer my question!

Thank you both who provided the links!:thumbsup:


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The Truth About Mary: A discussion between Patrick Madrid and Marcus Grodi

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