Biblical Prophecies and Historicism



I would like to know what is a good method to deepen a biblical theme.

For example, I wanted to know what biblical prophecies are now incontrovertible historical facts.

Karl Popper in his book Poverty of Historicism concludes that there is little we can really know about history, from a scientific point of view.

Do you recommend any book or manual for this?

Thanks a lot.


I don’t think there are any Bible prophecies which can be scientifically verified as happened later.This is because Bible is not a historical record as such but only a record of the relationship with God and man written as per the inspiration of God.So the meaning of bible prophecies can be understood and their fulfillment can be noticed and satisfied only by those who believe in such a relationship.Whether a particular prophesy was actually made as stated in the verse,whether it can be considered as subsequently fulfilled in view of what is stated in another verse - these things can’t be verified scientifically,being matters of belief.For example the prophesy- a vigin shall deliver a child and he shall rule the world.For those who don’t believe that Mary was a virgin or was pregnant due to holy spirit and Jesus is actually the ruler of this world,neither this prophesy is acceptable as made or it is acceptable as fulfilled as they can’t be verified scientifically.
In short it is futile to look for bible prophecies which can be verified as fulfilled later in a scientific,that is in an indisputable, way.

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