Biblical TV series for kids and teens

As catholic interested in biblical stories i want to make a question: my dream is a tv series for kids and teens set in biblical times centered on a fictional group of kids and teens in ancient Jerusalem in the times of Herod. Its a good or bad idea from a catholic or in any case christian view for a tv series?

There are a lot of cartoons and TV series that centers around Biblical stories and time. If you want to create a new one that would be awesome.

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The 13-episode, 1995-1997 animated series “The Story Keepers” is set in Rome in 64 AD.
The 39-episode, 2007-2009 animated series “Friends and Heroes” is set in Alexandria, Jerusalem and Rome in 69-71 AD.

Kids and teens are very different audiences. You would need to be very well educated on the social norms.of the times.

Teens in first century Palestine were not in an extended fun childhood, they were full adults and most married. It might be difficult to have these historical facts be relatable with modern teens.

Childhood was also very, very different than the modern western ideal.

I’d suggest simply looking to making the scriptures be engaging to these age groups.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this idea from a religious standpoint. There are a number of fictional stories written by faithful Catholics about different points in the history of the Church.

One example that I greatly enjoyed was “A Quiet Light: A Novel About Thomas Aquinas” by Louis de Wohl. It followed the lives of the titular saint, of Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire, and of a fictional English knight and crusader. The story provided a historically accurate look at life in the middle ages from a variety of perspectives, and it also glorified God and faith in Him.

I think a story set in Herod’s Judea would be able both inspire faith and educate on history in a similar manner. It’d also be an interesting period in time due to the different groups interacting in Jerusalem in this time - there would be different Jewish factions (Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Samaritans, etc) but also Roman factions (Pagans, God-Fearers, Manicheans, etc).

Louis de Wohl wrote many wonderful novelizations about the lives of the saints, but his novel, “The Spear”, is about St. Longinus, the centurion who was present at the crucifixion, is my favorite.

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