Biblical word for contraception?

Is there a Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek word for contraception?

if not, why not? and if yes, why where is it in Scripture?

(btw, I’m totally convinced of the Catholic belief on this, and that Onan was killed for contraception)

For what it’s worth, I think I remember reading somewhere (probably on an anti-contraception website) that the Greek word, Pharmakeia, to use or administer drugs, in Biblical times sometimes meant to use of drugs to prevent conception. In the New Testament, Pharmakeia is condemned in Galatians 5:20 and Revelation 9:21; 18:23, where it is often translated as “sorcery” or “witchcraft.”

that is true.

it still leaves me with teh same questions from the OP. but thank you for pointing that out

in other words, was there a word for “withdrawal” (Onanism)–as opposed to “sorcery” (contraceptive drugs)–, and if so, why wasn’t it used?

The concept of the fruitful marriage is one that Catholicism inherited from the Jews. They believed that children were a blessing from God, and that being barren or childless was a sign that someone was not in God’s grace.

Onan spilled his seed because he did not want to give the woman a child for his brother. A double portion of the inheritance would have gone to such an offspring. The refusal to participate in giving the widow a child was a violation of the Law.

In his article on this website titled "Bad Aramaic Made Easy, Jimmy Akin mentions at least one professor and some others who are authorities on the ancient aramaic language.


Maybe you could track down one of these people and send an email or write a letter?

Wish I had more. :shrug:


“begot”, “knew”

seriously, see page 20

see pages 39-5?

certainly. I agree. and the Biblical condemnation of “impurity” Eph 5:5 seems most relevant

thanks. Timothy. might do that

Please let us know if you get a response!

None that I know of–certainly not in Hebrew or Aramaic. Greek has atokeion (contraceptIVE), but as far as I know, the word does not appear in the Bible.

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