Bicycle Commute To Work

To all those cyclists out there :slightly_smiling_face:

I commute to work once a week by bike. It’s a 20km trip each way. Every other cyclist I speak with who commutes to work travels no more than 10km each way. I’m like “huh, am I missing something?!”

I’m from Sydney, Australia by the way :wink:

If I were to bike to work, I think it would be 10 - 15 mi each way. I’m not in good enough shape to do that, but I have thought about trying to build up the endurance.

I ride my bike about one mile to a subway station and chain it up there, then do the reverse on my way home. But I wouldn’t say your commute is too long, however I would say mine is too short (in other words, I wish it were longer).

I could definitely bike to work 8 months out of the year. Unfortunately, the roads are in bad condition and I’ve had many tires punctured. Also, there’s a lot of reckless driving and ignorance about traffic laws.

Sadly, it’s just not safe :frowning:

But studies have shown that the more bikes are on the road, the safer and more careful drivers become.

Yeah, and I’m sure that there’s another “study” (somewhere) listing how many cyclists get hit before the drivers become more careful.

It wouldn’t be so bad for me, if it wasn’t for the fact I live in the country, and I’d rather not get hit by a car. The closest town and or city of any significance is about 13 miles (just shy of 21 km). There is a town that is closer, but really no jobs there. Glad you’re getting exercise, though.

Where’s your sense of adventure, Professor Jones?

In South Carolina, cyclists have the same rights as motorists. Not that you would know that, because I kept having people honk on me (I’m on the shoulder of the road, I’m out of your way, I’m signaling when I’m going to turn, some folks need to stop). I need to fix my bike, speaking of which.

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