BIDEN(1977) : De-segregation would lead to "racial jungle"

Oh no no no we got too cocky Bidenbros

Not as bad as posting the white power guy on Twitter!

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I tend to think actively preventing court-ordered busing of black kids into school while in congress is quite a bit worse than sharing a video where a rando says a phrase.


Reminds me of the Bishop of Charleston, John England, who said c. 1840:

There is no danger - no possibility, on our principles that Catholic theology should ever be tinctured with the fanaticism of abolition. Catholics may and do differ, in regard to slavery, and other points of human policy, when considered as ethical or political questions. But our theology is fixed, and is, and must be the same now as it was for the first eight or nine centuries of Christianity … In Catholic theology the question is a settled one.

Of course, the bishop was fairly progressive (supporting schools for slaves, minority women) but he had to reassure a racist society that he was not “too fanatical” in order to prevent people from turning on him

I tend to think actions in congress years ago are of little consequence compared to what we are dealing with from the current president. Some have evolved, some evidently, have not.

Do you offer this same forgiveness for the long past deeds of others? Or only for those done by others with a [D] behind their names …

Yon dont need to answer - we know the answer …


Because we all respect the opinions of the minority communities, and defer to their judgement when it comes to who has actually represented their interests over the years, right?

Yes, I’ve given a pass for what we did to Japanese Americans, and Chinese immigrants years ago, but no such pass for anyone who is or denies racist attitudes today!

I am not sure I understand …

I think you believe that Biden has represented the interest of minority communities through the years and that minorities believe that.

I did not say that I dont respect the opinions of minorities …

I pointed out that a poster gives Biden a pass for his racist actions … the poster said it was long past and implied Biden had changed … Biden is a Democrat - and I see that a great deal … Democrat bad actions get a pass …But we often see lambasting people from the other side of the aisle for past wrongs - some of which are mere accusations - they never get a pass … for example Kavanaugh - something from his High School days nearly 40 years in the past and no proof of the two involved ever having met in person …

There are many minorities who dont know of Biden’s racist past - I do not believe he changed - his comments even recently illustrate that fact … his grammar use when addressing African American audiences is proof of his low regard, his saying that if you dont know whether to vote for him or Trump determining if you are Black … Biden was a racist and is a racist - he is merely less overt today IMHO


I think as long as we are taking down Memorials FDR’s should come down … FDR was a racist and not just to the Japanese … his first appointment to the SCOTUS was a racist bigot whose his primary target was Catholics of every color. A KKK lawyer … I do not and never have given FDR a pass …

At the same time, I have never defaced his memorial on the Mall or called for its removal before … but hey - its a new age … It definitely should come down …

As should every statue of Senator Robert “KKK Kleagle” Byrd


But you’re going to assert they’ve all just failed to notice Biden has been publicly racist for the past 40 years anyway.

But the republicans are the ones doing this. Whenever people point out, for example, that Trump took out a full page ad calling for the killing of five black men, conservatives say “well that was back in his democrat days.”

Ok…and let’s be proactive and prohibit any Trump statues!

If Aunt J had to go because of marketing copy a century prior,
surely Joe’s gotta go!

1977 was post civil rights era, the historic Brown v. Board of Education SCOTUS decision was in the 50’s, 20 yrs prior.


And Joe’s vote to restore citizenship rights to Confederate President Jefferson Davis was late 1970’s … signed into law by President Carter …

I am sure that was beneficial and pleasing to the African American community - furthering the cause of social justice :unamused:


Is that why you supported Brett Kavanaugh?

You and I might, but apparently Joe Biden feels differently.

“If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.”


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