Biden allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes

I predicted this.


It’s like the massive amount of work that went into Hillary’s face so she wouldn’t look so old. It is just marketing, Biden could be anyone, they will just mold the clay they’ve got into the shape they want.

Whatever sells best…

Her handlers had to limit HRC’s appearances in summer 2016.

Sunglasses all the time. Her wandering eye. Her seizures. Passing out. Falling.

Seems to me if they have to limit the candidate’s exposure during the campaign, it does not bode well for a presidency!

How did it work out for HRC?

Lost Wisc by 1%. Never set foot in the state.

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But they voted for her en masse in NY and CA!

(We used to have a lot of jokes about CA… I guess that would be un-PC nowadays :frowning: )

Biden is a walking liability. He’ll never be elected and he knows it.

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I don’t think he knows it. What’s his angle for staying in then? Money? He is no longer in the senate. No other candidate is going to give him cabinet position in their administration.

Biden remains in front not because of who he is but more because he is closer to the center than the rest of the candidates who are all considerably to his left if their debate appearances are to be taken seriously. The real problem for the centrist Democrats is they really have no viable candidate aside from Biden so they have to keep him out there all the while they’re trying to protect him.

I suppose they could trot Michelle Obama out there, but it’s possible she’s telling the truth: that she may really have had enough of the White House and prefers the easy work on the talk show and book signing circuits to go with the cushy vacations. But never say never, that’s a rabbit they could pull out of the hat at the convention if the field remains sufficiently divided going in.

I agree with the first paragraph. Biden is being used to make the Democratic party seem relevant to white middle class voters.

I think he sincerely sees himself as a viable candidate though.

Wait until everyone gets a whiff of the good old fashioned corruption in Biden’s orbit. Especially with respect to his son Hunter.

This son:


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