Biden Elects to Ditch New Hampshire ahead of Vote, Will Address Supporters NH "Victory" party from South Carolina by livestream

Biden Elects to Ditch New Hampshire ahead of Vote, Will Address Supporters from South Carolina


February 11, 2020 11:51

Joe Biden’s campaign announced that the former vice president would be leaving New Hampshire before results are announced in the state’s primary Tuesday, and would instead address supporters via livestream from South Carolina.

Speaking to reporters immediately after the announcement, Biden said he was still “mildly hopeful” about results in New Hampshire.

“Look, we got a lot of good friends here in New Hampshire, but this race isn’t over,” Biden said. “You got significant portions of the electorate who haven’t voted yet . . . we’re still mildly hopeful here in New Hampshire. And we’ll see what happens.”

When Biden filed for the state primary on November 8, he told reporters that “I’m not here to come in second. I never enter anything to come in second.” . . .

Well Biden is not vying for “second” in New Hampshire.

He is fighting for fourth place and may get a fifth place finish before today’s New Hampshire primary is over.

Biden almost certainly attempting to cut his losses by getting a head start in South Carolina.

He says he will be addressing his “victory” party tonight in New Hampshire via livestream.

One Twitter commenter said . . .

Biden to all of his employees who worked so hard in NH: “Thanks for the effort, Dog Faces…I’m outta here!”

From Breitbart:

The victory party will still be held, but he will address supporters remotely, according to a campaign statement.

Only 1% of the New Hampshire vote in so no reason for Biden supporters to panic yet, but
Biden currently tied for fifth place with Buttigieg garnering 7.41% of the vote.

Here is Tucker from a couple days ago saying Biden may finish as low as fifth place.
That of course, remains to be seen.


Tulsi Gabbard (I think NH Democrats have her as a mere write-in) at 3.71%.

  1. Amy Klobuchar at about 29%.
  2. Bernie Sanders at approximately 15%
  3. Elizabeth Warren near 15%
  4. Andrew Yang at roughly 11%

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