Biden hopes to avoid divisive Trump investigations, preferring unity

such a novel idea

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So one talks of “unity”? Alrighty!


Talks of unity but wants to raise my taxes and make me register my guns and pay taxes on them as well. Sure thing joe.


So you think he should prosecute Trump? Wow, didn’t see that coming

I think you have to pay taxes on your guns in most states. Also, don’t you already have to get permission to buy them in most states already?

As for taxes, I m going to assume that you are saying you don’t mind having the Federal government run large deficits and you don’t want a balanced budget.

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Nope. Biden wants to institute a new tax on commonly owned firearms. $200 per semi automatic rifle or pistol capable of accepting a magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds, and the same $200 tax on each magazine with a capacity over 10 rounds. For me that would amount to easily $50k. Probably more. That also entails registering normal firearms with the national firearms act.

I couldn’t care less about the debt or the deficit. It’s all just numbers on a screen at this point. It won’t matter until the US is no longer the worlds dominant power.


Unless it is done at the point of sale (making it a sales tax), I’m not sure how that would even be possible. It sounds like a Make Mexico Pay campaign slogan

I think he should at least consider pardoning Trump for his acts as president (see the pardon thread).

Now I wonder why Biden wouldn’t want that particular can of worms to be opened?


The infrastructure already exists. Under the national firearms act of 1934 (pretty sure its 34) all machine guns, short barreled rifles/shotguns, and suppressors and some other items must be registered with the federal government. To register, you pay a $200 tax and go through some hoops and then you can legally own machine guns and such.

Basically you fill out an ATF form 4, where you submit the make model and serial number of whatever it is your buying, send it in with fingerprints and some other items, and $200. 6-12 months later you get approved or denied for the machine gun, suppressor whatever it was you wanted to buy. And that has to be done for every item.

Biden’s plan is to expand that to cover all semi automatic weapons that can accept detachable magazines and register the magazine themselves.

The odds of it passing the senate are slim, but it shows what he (or rather his handlers) think. And that doesn’t bode to unity from where I sit.

Owner of this channel is admittedly biased, but his information is accurate


Rather than pushing for unity–an impossibility when there are strong disagreements such as the abortion issue, and taxes–Joseph Biden would probably be better to push for “civility”, “courtesy,” “kind words,” reasonableness, “non-violence,” etc.

I will NEVER be in unity with someone who advocates abortion, or someone who advocates expensive non-productive government programs rife with layers of money-eating bureaucracy, or someone who insists that gun ownership should be banned for private citiizens, or a policy that makes it OK to protest by destroying/defacing private and public property (and that includes statues of known racists).

But I can be courteous, civil, kind in my speech, gentle, reasonable, and most certainly non-violent in both my words and my actions.

I don’t think Joseph Biden sees the difference between unity and civility. I get the feeling that he thinks that if we don’t agree with the Democratic Party, we are promoting division AND we are uncivil. I hope I’m wrong about him.

AND…one of the problems with the phrase “non-violent” is that many of the under-30 people in this country think that anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or challenged or even disagreed with IS violent behavior and needs to be suppressed.


While I don’t agree with much of what you post, I have to agree with this. There are a lot of young adults with some very tender feelings out there.

I very much appreciate this too.


Gee, wish I made over $400k so I could complain about my taxes going up.


It is a good problem to have I’ll admit that.


Lol. I, too, am surprised that this is greeted with hostility. I’m a severe critique of who Republicans have become under Trump because of the slide towards racism that Ive seen in people I never used to associate with that (that’s severely denied) as well as the inhuman or atleast unChristian attitudes towards dreamers and other xenophobic tendencies. HOWEVER, my only hesitation in welcoming Trump’s exist, (i.e. besides the Dem unapologetic pro-choice positions) was my impression that the democrats would be vindictive and divide the country further with prosecutions of Trump and his family. I have been praying for this very outcome and I’m glad Biden is more interested in stemming the divisions where they are and not exacerbating them. I hope he prevails over others to follow him.

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Does this mean you are not “in unity” with the people who hold the positions you describe?

Does that mean you are not an American? There are many different levels of unity, but I doubt you want to isolate yourself from the national unity.

And I am sure Biden wants us all to associate ourselves with the national unity, not isolate ourselves apart from those with whom we disagree.

E pluribus unum.

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Actually, given all the school shootings that might not be the worst idea I’ve ever heard.


School shootings are statistically insignificant when it comes to gun violence. It only get attention because they aren’t that common. The vast majority of guns used in violence are pistols. Rifles are used to kill less than 500 people a year on average. Hands and feet are used twice as much.

I have no issue with California or New York banning all the guns they want. The 2nd amendment should have never been incorporated upon the states. States that want strict gun laws should have them. Those that don’t shouldn’t. We should start practicing federalism again.


Why can’t you register weapons without infringing on the Second Amendment?

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Because it’s none of the feds business what I own. And registration is the first step to confiscation.

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