Biden hopes to avoid divisive Trump investigations, preferring unity

Well, well. So the solution is simple: “let’s make school shootings more common, more frequent, so they will not get so much attention”. After all they are “statistically” insignificant… and besides those kids are already BORN, so they are not important.

The US won’t declare bankruptcy. As long as we’re the dominant super power the strength behind our currency is the US military. Once that starts to lag though all bets are off.

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We live in a capitalist system. In capitalism, by nature, you have winners and losers. Those who benefit from an unequal system need to contribute back into it- the the wealthy significantly so.

The constitution sets down the right to bear arms but doesn’t specify what regulations may be enacted around that- including registration and taxation.

I hate to correct this. The economy is not a ZERO-SUM game. It is quite possible that everyone can win. I can suggest to read Henry Hazlitt’s book: “Economics in one lesson”. It should be required reading in every school.

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The shall not be infringed line seems pretty clear about it to me.


Are background checks, limits on magazine size, and prohibitions against felons infringements?

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In response to the felon aspect, if a man is so dangerous that upon release from prison he can’t be trusted not to hurt someone with a firearm, why are we releasing him from prison?

I also think felons should have their voting rights restored after being released.


Well, assuming you’re Catholic, perhaps the security of other human beings SHOULD be your concern.


That’s why I support people having the means to legally own effective tools of self defense.


You might even get to sell some of your guns to Beto, and pay for someone else’s college loans.
You got that unity spirit yet?

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For what? Lowering minority unemployment rates? Moving our embassy to Jerusalem? Criminal justice reform? Fixing trade deals?


I’m thinking reduce spending to constitutional levels without raising taxes, and if need be, begin selling federal land and/or natural resources.

why is that only proposed when there is a Democrat president?

I propose it all of the time. My biggest complaint about Trump is his unwillingness to cut spending at all.

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This is probably why you aren’t a Senator :grin:

lol. No doubt.

I certainly agree with the first concept, but the second one is not that simple. It would require considerable foresight and planning. I am sure that there are many, well qualified people out there for the role of the president, but they are too busy cutting hair, and balancing the family checkbook.

I remember a great concept.

No one who wishes to have control over others should be allowed into any public office. The only one who should be chosen is someone who must be dragged kicking and screaming into that office, where he would do a great job, so he can get time off for good behavior.

By the way, Robert Sheckley wrote a great short story about the ideal society, its title is the “Trip to Tranai”.

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