Biden: ‘I wish we were in high school’ so I could take Trump ‘behind the gym’

A heated Vice President Joe Biden told a crowd Friday that he would challenge Donald Trump to a fight if they were still in high school.

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden said the press was “always” asking him whether he would like to debate the Republican presidential nominee.

And they call Trump juvenile?

I think they ALL need to be taken out back. :sad_yes:

I think Biden does a disservice to his audience when he makes a statement like he did today. It seems in character of the democratic party in general that they approach their supporters in such a way to bring out the worst in their thinking, they talk to the least civilized emotions of those who lend their ear in hope to nudge their pride to vote for them. Pray for our enemies.

Oh, I don’t know. I think Vice President Biden has always been given to hyperbole. I don’t take him seriously half the time.

And I (for one) don’t think of Democrats as my enemies.

Exactly! I always remember how cruel he was to Clarence Thomas, a black man nominated to the Supreme Court. And Obama picked him to be his VP.

Joe Biden doesn’t impress me.

O so very mature of him.

None of the candidates or their supporters have done much that elevates the American people but just when I think there is a reprieve from the awful, awful behavior, along comes another person to drag their own party down. :frowning:

They all need a good stand in the corner.

But instead, we are all, 1/3 B of us, going there ourselves, for four or more likely eight years.

And we will have put ourselves there.



Joe Biden has suffered from a severe medical condition for the majority of his adult life that causes him to make statements like this. It’s called foot in mouth disease.


The Vice President of The United States appearing to say he would cause violence against a presidential candidate is “Yawwwnnnn!” to you?


Obama is no better.He can’t help but respond to issues in a snarky and prodding way.That he felt he had to respond to DT concerns re a rigged system,telling him to stop whining,is but one example of how immature he is.He never takes the high road.I do not recall having seen this kind of childish and petty behavior from any prior administration.Pathetic!

Biden is an idiot! Always has been, always will be!

Of course, if the places were reversed they’d be using this as an example of Trump’s manifest unsuitability for the office and how he’s urging his supporters to use violence against his opponents.

Does anyone remember when Biden told a black audience that Republicans were going to put them back in chains? Name one republican who has proposed bringing back slavery!

Liberals ONLY have emotion.

And violence … see Project Veritas.

Meanwhile, right now, Trump is giving a major address at Gettysburg.

It’s on Fox.

The Biden family has done some absolutely reprehensible things to win political victories.

And then there was Bill Clinton who stated: "Of course, he [West Virginia Democrat KKK high official Senator Robert Byrd] cheated … OTHERWISE HE WOULD HAVE LOST!]

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