Biden in 1992: Delay SCOTUS nominee until after election


During a 1992 Senate floor speech, Joe Biden said President George H. W. Bush should wait to fill any Supreme Court vacancies until after the presidential election.

“It is my view that if a Supreme Court Justice resigns tomorrow or within the next several weeks or resigns at the end of the summer, President Bush should consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors and not, and not name a nominee until after the November election is completed,” Biden said at the time.

CSPAN on Monday posted a clip of the vice president’s remarks, given when Biden was serving as a Democratic senator from Delaware. The floor comments were made on June 25, months before the 1992 presidential election.


But that was then, and this is now.
It’s completely different now!


Doesn’t matter. The Senate won’t confirm him or her.

Even after the elections it might be tough. How do you replace a Scalia?


You don’t. At best, we might find someone to sit in his chair.


I am glad they found this clip. so what kind of spin did the White House put on Joe Biden’s remarks from 1992?


Probably the same kind of spin they put on Obama’s filibustering of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s nomination…


Today is not June.

It actually amuses me the straws Republicans are grasping for. Obama did this. Hillary did that. Biden said this. :rotfl: But they never say Alito and Roberts both had hearings. There was debate. And a vote. And both received votes from the other party.


There’s going to be a lot of crow feasting on the right for slicing this out of context from a much longer floor speech that concludes the opposite.


So far, tu quoque comments are apples to apples, it’s all rhetoric.
We need to wait for the process to continue before you can claim deviation from the past.


I lost all respect for Joe Biden during the Clarence Thomas hearings. I am sure Justice Thomas has not forgotten how he was treated by Joe Biden.

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