Biden in Kenosha - "If I go any longer, they'll shoot me..."

Ah Joe. The gaffe that keeps on giving. Not the best choice of words, especially when speaking with those affected by the Jacob Blake shooting…


Fox is better than I in discerning what is said behind those masks.

I have never appreciated the press attacking Trump over the most minor and irrelevant things. I see FOX is going to lower the bar down to Huffington level of pettiness now.

What? They literally reported what he said, and the strongest adjective they used was “awkward.” The entire piece simply described his visit, why he was there, and other comments he made. It did not imbue intent into anything he said, or look for hidden meaning as usually happens with the President.

If this kind of article can’t exist, not sure we can bother reporting on events any more. This was creampuff stuff and hardly attacking. Biden is known for gaffes. Trump is known for twitter usage. Suddenly, reporting on either is the press attacking?

The press attacking people is highlighted by their attempts to assign blame or motive to these men (claiming one is a racist). I don’t see how you can compare the two styles.


They could just stick to news. That this was awkward is nothing but opinion, or mind-reading. It is assuming emotional response without a reason accept to throw mud. This is so Huffington. It is as bad as all the garbage thrown at Trump over his hand size, or walking down a ramp.

Except now it is the FOX that is so hyper-sensitive to political correctness, even where there is not controversy.

Scranton “dad humor” strikes again.

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It was funny that the Democrats’ media kept declaring that Trump shouldn’t visit Kenosha.
But then Biden visited Kenosha, and that was fine.

Because the mere sight of Trump is supposed to cause everybody to froth at the mouth and break out in some kind of violent bigoted conflict, but the sight of Biden is supposed to be calming like Obama.
Yeah, it’s silly.

Perhaps Biden didn’t read his teleprompter correctly.

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