Biden Pledges to Gut Religious Freedom Protections, Saying They Give 'Hate' a 'Safe Harbor'

I just came across this article:

How bad will it be if Biden is elected? One thing we know for certain is that Biden has announced he will oversee the passage of the Equality Act, which would force Christian schools and the like to hire those in direct opposition to their beliefs.

Already, Catholic hospitals are being assaulted by lawsuits trying to force them to provide services against Catholic dogma. Catholic hospitals are usually charity operations which provide much needed services for the poor. If the Equality Act passes, how likely is it that any Catholic hospital will be allowed to remain Catholic?
Some Christian adoption agencies have already been forced to close down due to lawsuits against them on the basis that they refuse to give a baby to a gay couple. It seems unlikely that any Catholic adoption agency will be allowed to stay open if the Equality Bill passes. Where will a pregnant Catholic woman go where she can feel comfortable that her child will be raised by a devout Catholic family?

The Equality Act would force teachers to use a student’s preferred pronoun and force high schools to allow biological males who call themselves female to shower with female high school students. Pascha Thomas’s 5 year old daughter was assaulted in her restroom by a boy claiming to be a girl. Female sports teams would be forced to include a biological male who calls himself female. No doubt lawsuit after lawsuit will follow the passage of the Equality Act.

Will Catholic schools even continue to exist? That is a real fear.

It seems clear to me that a Biden presidency would be a catastrophe for Catholics.


Gloomy forecast, well, my vote will be for Trump.


Why it’s important to go and vote.

And if they do win, to fight and resist if they try to force this ideology on us.


I’m not American, so my question might sound almost naive, but what is the status of Catholic schools currently in the USA? Are they all private schools that one has to pay for? Does being a private vs public school have any bearing on these proposed laws?

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Hi, ,unlike most democracies, the US provides no money to religious schools. This was based on anti Catholic sentiment back in the 1800s, when the Blaine amendments were passed in most states, making it illegal to give money to private schools.


the first amendment…


Honestly, I am starting to laugh at how the far this proliferation of political sales pitches is going. It is almost so far out there as to be a parody of itself.


Do you know if Biden wins, concentration camps will be set up in Alaska and EVERY single Catholic who voted for Trump will be hauled up there in the night and shot on site? Yep. True story. Heard it on InfoWars.

…that’s how some of this stuff is coming across. I think both sides of this political debate are prone to a little hyperbole.


Well I know of some posters here who would defend such a proposal.


Specifically, he will shove LGBT ideology down the throats of religious Americans in the name of fighting “discrimination.”

Hasnt this already happened? SSM, transgender issues, gender fluidity, the great wedding cake debate.

I cant see these human rights being denied. Especially turning homeless away or critical health care denial.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have given hate against LGBTQ+ individuals safe harbor and rolled back critical protections for the LGBTQ+ community,” the Democrat alleged. “By blocking the ability of transgender individuals to openly serve their country, denying LGBTQ+ people access to critical health care, proposing policies allowing federally funded homeless shelters to turn away transgender people and federally funded adoption agencies to reject same-sex couples, and failing to address the epidemic of violence against transgender people — particularly transgender women of color — the Trump-Pence Administration has led a systematic effort to undo the progress President Obama and I made.”

Biden responded by condemning Trump, accusing the president of having “deliberately tried to gut protections for the LGBTQ+ community by creating broad religious exemptions to existing nondiscrimination laws and policies that allow businesses, medical providers, and adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people.”

We need to root out discrimination in our laws, institutions, and public spaces. Religion should not be used as a license to discriminate, and as president I will oppose legislation to deny LGBTQ+ equal treatment in public places. I will immediately reverse discriminatory practices that Trump put in place and work to advance the rights of LGBTQ+ people widely,” Biden pledged.

These news articles really need to be read to see exactly what is being said and what they are about.

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PJ media’s got some issues (sometimes I think they are too far right), but this is actually true. I think it would be a very BAD idea to vote for Biden.


I cant see the good in denying a group of people shelter or critical health care.
If it is true Biden raises a good point.

As Catholics we are called to shelter the homeless and give aid

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Recently, a homeless shelter/shelter for abused women in Alaska turned away a man who demanded he be sheltered with the women because he called himself a woman. They turned him down. I am not sure a lawsuit ensued or not, but if the Equality Act passes, this is the exact situation women shelters will face.

The Equality Act really is that bad. BIden really has insisted he will pass it forthwith.


Just found out there was a lawsuit:

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It is the rest of the story you seem to be ignoring. There is no reason a church should be forced to go against its doctrine or a male be allowed to shower with a female


I would be lots more worried about a President Harris than a President Biden when it came to religious liberty.


Did the homeless shelter offer him an option?

Womens shelters often take in domestic violence victims, so its sensible he was denied a bed there. He should have been given an option though. This also opens up the issue that regardless of our religious beliefs, in this secular society a third type of shelter for this minority is needed, if not already offered.

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Where is that happening?

I am not sure what restrictions a Biden/Harris administratio will put on religious freedom. Except they will likely come after the Little Sisters of the Poor. The Obama administration tried twice to make them break their religious beliefs.


Did you read the above posts

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