Biden Projected Winner, Rollbacks on Pro-Life and Religious Liberty Protections Expected

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Newly elected President Biden says “he is going to unite America”. If he truly does want to unite America then he needs to guide his supporters in trying to better understand the views of those who opposed him in the election instead of allowing his supporters to label us as haters and deplorables and uncaring people especially the news media. Personally, I feel he will view us the same way as Hilary Clinton does, President Obama does, Kamala Harris does. And I see he is planning to roll off alot of executive orders his first few days in office. A very sad day for the Pro-Life movement and those against outlandish LGBTQRS laws.

But in all fairness, I congratulate President elect Biden and reluctantly congratulate Vice President elect Kamala Harris (remember the Knights Of Columbus). And as a suggestion, try working on improving healthcare for all, better working conditions/better pay for all and social security if you want to unite a super majority of the American people.

If he wants to unite the country, some things he shouldn’t do:

  1. repeal the Hyde amendment
  2. stack the courts
  3. impose the HHS mandate or similar authoritarian attempts to force religious groups and into fund abortion, etc.
  4. attempt to confiscate civilian semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15, from tens of millions of law abiding Americans.
  5. impose government dictated healthcare.
  6. impose racist curricula in our schools, such as the 1619 project.

That would be a good start.


In other words only do those things that a minority in America want done.


Wait what? A ‘minority’ don’t want those things? Really now? We don’t have all the votes yet but even if we went by today, whoever won did so by a razor thin ‘minority’.

Are you saying that the tiny ‘majority’ of voters want all those things? Really? They WANT the Supreme Court stacked? I’ll bet they don’t really. They want the Hyde amendment repealed? Not according to the thousands of polls of Americans, Republican and Democrat alike.

Better be careful. The majority of people in the US are actually pretty moderate, and do not wish for the extremist tactics that the six things above represent.


According to some polls more Americans want medicare for all than not. Same with other issues. Polls are easy to find.

Biden won, face it.

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Well, he is the one who said he wanted to unite America. We all know that is impossible.


On that we agree. This country is a trainwreck.


Please share the polls that show a majority favor the repeal of the Hyde amendment, or the 1619 project, or stacking the courts. I am sure they are easy to find as you asserted.


That’s why I cannot believe in 2020, people actually quote things a politician says as though it has meaning. Come on folks, that’s some serious 3rd grade naivete. Judge them by their actions; words are hollow and meaningless.


Agreed. But that applies to both sides. Both sides have been petulant children. Right now it seems to be the Republicans’ turn. So be it.

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Hey, when all the votes are in (which is what was demanded by ‘the media’ and all the experts and supposedly the entire American people on Election Day) I will support whoever won.

Until then, I don’t have to ‘face’ unofficial results as if they were official.

For all you know, I could have voted for Mr. Biden or a third party, not necessarily Mr. Trump at all.

I’m just saying fair is fair. I will wait for official results, and I think the behaviour of those who castigated one group for ‘not counting the votes’ yet demand that THEIR person be recognised before counting the votes is HYPOCRITICAL.


Yeah, but you didn’t.

Who said Biden is ‘my person?’

Do a majority of the electorate in the country even know what the Hyde amendment and the 1619 project are? I doubt it.


Oh I didn’t? You saw my vote? How did that happen?

Seriously, I know you’re a student, but a little respect for the elders here. You do not know who I voted for, and I don’t know who you voted for, so don’t go saying you do know. You don’t.

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You realize I’ve been here since 2013 and am no longer a student, right?


Oh that’s fine. Thanks for telling me. I’ve been here since 2004 and will retire in 2 years, myself.

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Hmm…the words spoken by the left at the Kavanaugh and Barrett hearings sure had meaning. I’d guess they intend to follow it up with action.

I agree whole-heartily with you on all of those points. President elect Biden needs to do like his predecessor (President Obama) did and sit down and listen to alot of valuable conversations from his opponents over a beer. Listen and understand!!! We are not haters, we are not deplorables, we understand the Democrats positions and reject their ideas on how to solve many problems. He needs to come up with better ones that all can get behind.

I read an interesting article here on the forum about two women (one Pro-Life, the other Pro-Choice) who both agreed that there needs to be restrictions on abortion. President elect Biden embrace that idea. There are millions of people who know what science has taught on our climate changing over the million of years the earth has been around. President elect Biden stop forcing your ideology climate change on us. We, as believers in the one true God, know marriage as we know it today was created by God and it was between a man and a woman. President elect Biden if you are truly a Catholic, believe what the Catholic Church teaches on marriage (what’s bound on Earth will be bound in Heaven and what’s loose on Earth will be loose in Heaven). Then you will be truly uniting our country. Don’t be a follower of the mob, lead the mob to Truth and not yours but God’s Truth.


Show us these minority numbers. Last time I checked over 70% of Americans wanted some form of restrictions on abortion. Now here’s one I can kind of believe and thats that Americans really concerned about climate change is a minority (I think its really lower and I’d like to see how the question was phrased). As long as people feel threatened by society and their government, guns will always be in the majority.

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