Biden reaches out to Catholics like himself, embracing a key group in big 2020 states

This seems to be a private, unheard instance which peole should know about.

" New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) recently revealed a story that he said reflected Biden’s deep reverence.

On a trip to Germany in 2013 that came at the prodding of Murphy, then the U.S. ambassador to the country, Biden said he had only one favor to ask: Could the ambassador find an English-speaking priest to say Mass for Biden and his family? Murphy located a priest, and about 10 people gathered in a hotel room for the service.

“For the Catholics like me, the notion you’d be traveling on a regular Sunday and go to those lengths, it’s a measure of a guy’s true faith,” Murphy said. “It’s a quiet faith. It’s a genuine faith. He’s not wearing it on his sleeve. Which makes it, in my opinion, even more impressive.”

Murphy said he had kept the moment private until recently, when he grew tired of what he views as unfair attacks on Biden by defenders of Barrett.

“Just as her faith shouldn’t be dragged into it, his shouldn’t either,” he said. “You can’t have it both ways. That’s what these guys do. It’s hypocritical to treat one person and their faith one way and another person and their faith another.”

Just as there is a ‘Catholics for Trump’ group, there are “Catholics for Biden”.

As to Trump:

"Trump’s attraction to Catholics and other religious voters can seem quizzical on the surface. He rarely goes to church and has said he can’t ever remember asking God for forgiveness. He has downplayed the importance of Communion, flippantly saying during his 2016 campaign: “I drink the little wine, which is about the only wine I drink, and I eat the little cracker.”


“Catholics like himself”…you mean Catholics in name only?


CINO, Cafeteria Catholics, etc, call them what you want, but 70% if not more are voting Biden.


That’s disheartening. I hope Protestants have more sense.


So why is Biden ‘reaching out to Catholics like himself’ if his faith ‘shouldn’t be dragged into it’?


Many baptized Catholics are ignorant of their faith so Biden will probably reach many of those folk.


What is a catholic in name only. Is that any catholic who sins. Is it any catholic who disagrees with a particular church teaching or practice.

Please explain.


Meanwhile authorities have in their possession Hunter Biden’s lap top.Hundreds of emails exposing his and JB involvement in Ukraine and the Burisma issue.Can we say quid pro quo? WaPohad a huge article on this today.Any of the leftist media outlets reporting this bombshell ?


It’s be a Catholic who rejects a particular Church teaching. Catholic Teachings are protected by the Holy Spirit. Jesus established the Catholic Church. So if (for example) someone ‘disagrees’ with the Church teaching about divorce and remarriage, they’re not just disagreeing with a bunch of old men at the Vatican, they’re rejected Revealed Truth. And all Catholics sin. All people sin. That doesn’t mean sin is ok. We’re supposed to try. Really try. We all try and fail…hence the need for the Sacrament of Confession. But there’s a huge difference between sincerely trying…and failing…and not even trying at all. So, for example, someone who claims to be Catholic but then doesn’t go to Mass, is divorced and remarried (without being granted an annulment), purposely lies, gossips, etc, supports abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide and has the attitude of ‘I know the Church Teachings this BUT I believe this other thing…’.


Maybe not after today’s developments.

So, are you suggesting that all clergy for example, agree on everything that the Church teaches? There is no disagreement among them regarding any particular aspect of the Canon or Catechism?

Why then has the Canon changed, or the Catechism changed? Why have there been Councils at which debate was held between differing beliefs and changes in teachings changed based on the majority view. Was the majority right in all cases, or was the minority truly led by the Holy Spirit and the majority just didn’t get the Spirit’s intervention.

And divorce and remarriage, lets see. Has there been a giant increase of that happening in the past 50 years within the Church? Absolutely. Something certainly changed with regard to how the Church deals with that issue. Yes, the number of annulments have gone up exponentially so apparently lots of disagreement with how things took place 100 years ago versus today.

CINO could include a large portion of Catholics depending on who is making the claim.

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Yes. I am suggesting that all clergy (for example) agree on everything the Church officially teaches. Those councils happen to address issues but when things are decided, we have to believe that it was through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Remember what Jesus said to Peter? “The gates of hell will not prevail against it” The Holy Spirit will not allow error to be taught. That doesn’t mean everything out of the vicar’s mouth is infallible. But Official Teachings are. A CINO is someone who rejects any of the official teachings of the Church. Regarding annulments…maybe the Church needs to improve its marriage prep…or who they have teach it.


As another poster has now explained to you, it’s the latter. (I’ve bolded it for you.)

The following is the Profession of Faith each person makes when entering the Catholic Church:

“I believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church teaches, believes and proclaims to be revealed by God.”

Note: “all”.

This isn’t just for Day 1 in the Church. This is for every day.

We might struggle with a teaching. We might wrestle with it. But we may not reject it. We must believe and profess it (at least assent to it) while we wrestle.

A Catholic who falls into sin (and then repents) is still a practicing Catholic.

A Catholic who outright “disagrees” (as you put it) with Church teaching, is now Catholic in name only. They no longer actually "believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church teaches, believes and proclaims to be revealed by God.

They’re technically Catholic in one sense, by Baptism, which leaves an indelible mark on the soul. But they’ve broken away from the Church in a different sense, from severing themselves from her unity of faith. And such a one is a source of confusion and scandal to others by misrepresenting (even accidentally) what Catholics believe.

This video is a great primer. :slightly_smiling_face: Probably put it better than I just did, too.


Here’s how I’d view it. A Catholic who sins, repents and goes to confession understands that what he/she did was wrong. He/she is still a practicing Catholic who has fallen and through God’s grace has gotten back up.

In the case of Mr. Biden, he has deliberately gone against Church teaching on at least two issues that I know of, abortion and homosexual “marriage”. He has publicly said that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, he would pass laws to reinstate abortion. Further, he officiated at a homosexual “marriage” in DC back in 2016. The Catholic Church has been very pronounced in its teaching on both of these subjects. Apparently, Mr. Biden has chosen to deliberately ignore both of these teachings. One cannot be a Catholic in good standing and deliberately ignore these teachings. Hence the CINO designation.



And I wanted to add that I cannot judge the condition of Mr Biden’s soul. Only God can judge that. However, his actions are not those of a practicing Catholic.



Really, as I understand it, any Catholic enabling abortion, is really part of the procedure itself. It may stand for people in either party and both parties may have some pro-lifers, yes, in Louisiana, you can see that.

The DNC platform is unconscionable and shameless and it’s like they pander to big abortion, Planned Parenthood.


We already had a thread on Biden having a Mass while on travel. I’m more surprised that somebody thinks this is such a big deal than the fact that he did it. He likely traveled a lot as VP and had a lot of ability to get people to arrange Mass for him, why wouldn’t he do that?

As for “Catholics like himself”, that leaves me out. I don’t want to be “Catholic like him” because I don’t think the manner in which he is being a Catholic is what God wants. I don’t hate Joe but I pray daily that God brings him into a better and closer relationship with Church teachings. I used to think very much like Joe and it’s a big slippery slope and I think he slid down it and isn’t sure how to get himself out of the ditch.


Yes it certainly is, and is beholden to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the whole merchants-of-death abortion lobby.

It’s sickening how they control the Democrat party, it’s purse-strings, and it’s crowd-think.

Why can’t Joe stand up to them like Governor Casey did? Because he believes the manifesto that abortion-approval is necessary for Democratic votes.

It’s disheartening,
Deacon Christopher


They do–at least the Evangelical Protestants do, which is the largest group of Protestants who actually practice their faith regularly.

There are still a lot of people who have kept their membership in Mainline Protetant churches, but don’t attend, or attend for “social” reasons (business connections), or who donate money but don’t go, or who belong only because their denomination allows gay marriage and abortion, etc.

It’s the Evangelicals who will vote for Pres. Trump.


From what I’ve observed, those of us who are voting for Pres. Trump will vote for him no matter what stories come out–because we don’t trust the sources of those stories.

And the same thing will be true of those who are voting for VP Biden–they will vote for him no matter what because they don’t trust the source of those stories. The pro-life issue is bypassed because they believe that VP Biden’s policies to help the poor, help women, help children, help inner-cities, etc. will make it more likely that a woman will choose not to terminate her pregnancy (translation–kill her unborn child). They do not give any credence to the idea that a nation that has laws protecting the right to kill unborn children is a cursed nation.

I will be interested to see if the number of abortions decreases in the U.S. if VP Biden and Sen. Harris are elected Pres/VP. I would bet it won’t–I would bet that abortions will INCREASE under a Democratic President, and that access to abortion will be made even easier, and that doctors who refuse to perform abortions will be stripped of their license, or at the very least, will be required to post a message that they are practicing in opposition to the laws of of the United States of America.

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