Biden reaches out to Catholics like himself, embracing a key group in big 2020 states

I will be interested to see if a Biden/ Harris presidency actually makes life better for all the demographics you mention. The Dems have been promising to lift these groups up for over 50 years or more.All talk no action,I wouldn’t hold my breath about anything being better under a Dem presidency.


It’s mind-boggling to think what would happen if VP Biden suddenly announced that he is rejecting the anti-Catholic policy of abortion on demand (let’s not think about pro-gay marriage for now–let’s just imagine a change in his abortion stance) and is opposed to ALL abortion!

He would win not only the 70% of Catholic voters who already planned to vote for him (I think–unless those people are rebelliously opposed to Catholic teaching on abortion and believe that abortion is acceptable), and he would also gain many of the 30% of Catholics who planned to vote for Pres. Trump because of his pro-life policies (like it or not, Pres.Trump is currently endorsed by every pro-life organization that I know of).

AND…VP Biden would win many of the Evangelical Protestants who don’t feel comfortable with Pres. Trump’s Episcopalian faith and with his many personality flaws (braggacious, exaggerates, doesn’t set a good example with COVID-19, past history of sexual sins, 3X divorced, etc.).

On the other hand, as long as he has Sen. Harris as a running mate, he would lose many of those votes, because people realize that he is older and it’s possible that he might have to resign the Presidency if old-age maladies become worse, and then we would have one of the most liberal Presidents in history (other than Pres. Obama), and a woman to boot .

So…at this point, the only reason why VP Biden would repent and change his stance on abortion is that he truly arrives at an understanding that what he is endorsing is gravely evil and that he is in danger of hellfire. He would probably lose the election, but he would gain his soul. Wouldn’t it be amazing and wonderful if he took that route and denounced evil, even at the cost of the Presidency?

Of course, if he DID renounce abortion at this point, the Democratic Party would pull him as the Presidential candidate, and probably elevate Sen. Harris to that position and she would select a new VP running mate—sigh.

Just goes to show–choose the right path first time every time!


Here is where I see the flaw in this article, Mr. Biden brings up his faith as he talks about it. In other words, he brings it into politics his ownself.

As far Amy Coney Barret, it was the democrats fear, (Dianne Feinstein in particular) that brought up the subject of her faith, not her, causing other Democrats to follow along.

So, if you are going to tell people you are a good Catholic and use that as a reason for doing what you are doing, people will want to see you walk the talk also and if they don’t see it there will be concerns and questions

Mr. Trump is a non Catholic. He was not raised Catholic, so IMHO it is an unfair comparison. You can’t expect someone who doesn’t know or understand Catholicism to follow it.

Perhaps what you rather will see is God bringing someone to conversion.

Perhaps, but I believe we may see the wind blowing Catholics (CINO ? maybe, hopefully) into a different direction than the Democratic party.


Not convinced this is a true story (also not saying it definitely isn’t). A lot of politics is being played right now, and it’s funny how quick the media are to write up a story that somebody says happened many years ago. That’s the only proof they have, that one person says this happened. They know both candidates are fighting for the Catholic vote, and this is another one of those ‘see, Joe Biden is actually a good Catholic, he just keeps it to himself’ stories.


If he did that, I would vote for him. Even with my concerns about his alertness.

Unfortunately, to quote Garth from Wayne’s World, “Yeah, and monkeys might fly out my (anatomy)”.


“Catholic in name only” can mean many things. But it think it mainly means people who are baptized Catholics but don’t go to mass and believe very little of what the Catholic Church teaches.

It’s similar to “Cafeteria Catholic.”

But in truth, both are just “nicer” ways of saying “heretical Catholic.”

All Catholics sin. But a heretical Catholic denies Church teachings and/or denies specific sins are sinful.

Joe Biden denies that being a pro-choice politician is a grave sin. He also denies that it was mortally sinful for him (as a Catholic) to conduct a civil “marriage” to “marry” two same-sex couples when he was VP (an act that is NOT required of a VP).

As a Catholic, he should not have married anyone (same-sex or opposite sex) when VP. The US VP is NOT a position (like a judge or ship’s Captain) where conducting civil marriages is part of the job description.

In conclusion, devout & orthodox Catholic surely sin. But devout / orthodox Catholics go to confession after sinning & acknowledge what they did was sinful.

Heretical Catholics do not go to confession when they disagree with the church regarding the sinfulness of their actions.

In other words, I seriously doubt Joe Biden confesses that is a Pro Choice politician and that he’s defending a woman’s “right” to an abortion.

Any clergy who doesn’t agree with everything the Church teaches is a heretic.

There is also a difference between having a different opinion regarding discipline, canon law, and/or theological opinion VS defying Church Dogma, Doctrine, Discipline, and Law.

For example: It’s ok for a priest to have the opinion that he doesn’t think Canon 915 works as intended in today’s society. But it would be wrong for the priest to completely ignore & defy canon 915 (esp when blatant).


I am not certain he approves of abortion. Which would be following the Church’s teachings on the matter. As a legislator or possible executive, he must follow the law of the country.

“In 1981, he supported a constitutional amendment that would enable states to overturn Roe v. Wade . In his 2007 book, Promises to Keep, he wrote that while he is ‘personally opposed to abortion,’ he didn’t feel he had the ‘right to impose [his] view on the rest of society.’”

In 2006, Biden called himself the “odd man out” of his party, because he did not support federal funding for abortion and voted for bans on the procedure later in pregnancy, CNN revealed in a resurfaced video last year.

“I do not vote for funding for abortion,” he said, per CNN. “I voted against partial birth abortion—to limit it—and I vote for no restrictions on a woman’s right to be able to have an abortion under Roe v. Wade. And, so I am—I made everybody angry. I made the right-to-life people angry because I won’t support a constitutional amendment or limitations on a woman’s right to exercise her constitutional right as defined by Roe v. Wade. And I’ve made the groups—the women’s groups and others—very angry because I won’t support public funding and I won’t support partial birth abortion.”

So if a Catholic is repeatedly going to confession for the same serious sin, are they truly seeking forgiveness or just going through the motions? If they are truly devout/orthodox whatever folks want to call it, and believe that adultery for example is against Church teachings, yet they continue to commit adultery, are they not simply ignoring the Church teachings or disregarding them.

We don’t know if Biden asked for forgiveness for the marriage he performed so using that as an example would be no different than pointing out some other Catholic’s sin and saying look there, they are not a true Catholic, or they are a CINO.

He performed the marriage as a civil act, not as an act within the Church. Now if Biden was a priest for instance and performed a same sex marriage, that would be a big, big issue.

The problem is that in performing the marriage as a civil act, he as a Catholic facilitated and encouraged grave sin, thus sinning himself. Since it was also not something he had to do as part of his job, the prudent thing to do would be to refrain from performing ANY civil weddings, because otherwise he would also have to be concerned about marrying divorcees as well as gay couples.

There’s a serious question as to whether a Catholic could in good faith hold a job that requires them to perform civil marriages of anyone allowed by law to marry, because the odds of them facilitating and encouraging grave sin are high. However, as I said this was not even required for his job, which makes it even worse that he chose to do it. Moreover, he knew it would be widely publicized and likely to cause scandal.

Many Catholics on this forum think a Catholic sins even by attending such a wedding as a guest, even when the person getting married is your child or other immediate family or best friend rather than just staff. I would not go that far, I tend to think that in some circumstances it is okay to attend a reception or send a gift. But no way would I ever condone a Catholic performing the marriage. Much less twice as he married two different gay couples.


So lets play a hypothetical here.

Say someone is a lawyer and a Catholic. A client comes to them and requests them to start papers for divorce. Maybe even say this client is a fellow Catholic, and explains that their goal is to get the divorce and then remarry another person.

Does the lawyer simply say that they need to find another lawyer because by doing the divorce they would be facilitating them to commit grave sin being their intent is to get married to another person.

Does the lawyer tell the client they need to go visit the priest and get counseling, or permission to start the divorce process?

Or does the lawyer simply do the divorce paperwork and move on?

In any of these situations does it affect whether or not the lawyer is a true Catholic, or just a CINO?

What’s he done now?

Biden is a real Catholic, and Catholics who vote for him are real Catholics too. Only God has the right to determine who is a part of the faith and who isn’t, and He decided that those who are baptized are.


Thanks for proving my assertion. If you don’t know you need to expand your news resources.Not Twitter not FB not main stream outlets

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You should post it for him then instead of just chastising him.


I can understand why people would vote for him even if he isn’t prolife (he used to be). My concern is that his VP is Sen. Harris, and unless she made the same announcement (“I’m opposed to abortion.”), i would not want to put her in the place where she could become President. If VP Biden were younger, I wouldn’t worry, but 78 is getting up there (my apologies to all of you who are 78 or older and doing just fine!), and the Presidency is hard on a person, especially during a pandemic that I doubt VP Biden would have any easier time beating than Pres. Trump has. I wish he had selected a less rabidly-liberal running mate (someone like Mayor Buttigieg?)–I’m not so worried that Joseph Biden will do a lot of harm as President, but I am very worried about Kamala Harris as President.

Of course, a lot will depend on whether the Republicans are able to hold the Senate–that has been helpful for Pres. Trump, and will be frustrating for Democratic President. I fear that the Senate is going to switch to the Democrats, even if Pres. Trump holds on to the Presidency–that will be awful for him and, IMO, for the country. He should just resign if that happens, because he won’t get anything done other than through executive orders–and there is a limit to how much a President can use that power. I personally think it should not be used as often as it is, and for the reasons that Pres. Obama and Pres. Trump have used it. JMO.

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I think it’s pretty telling if the 70% of Catholics who don’t really practice the faith are voting for Biden. I think we all need to pray and fast for our country and our church…and our families.


Thete is a thread on this latest bombshell,already :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Where? There are a lot of threads on this forum. If it’s in World News, chances are, the entire topic is on mute, so neither of us have seen any such posts.

He’s not wearing it on his sleeve, is he?

Internet hoax and off the subject.

Please don’t deflect.

Biden is not quoted in the article.

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