Biden receives the most votes for President ever

“Biden receives most votes for president ever”

Not sure why this is somehow news. The population keeps growing, thus more people vote. Future elections will have more voters as well.

Now, if the title of this thread is to imply some sort of mandate, then just remember: a record number of people voted for someone else.

I think though, from Obama’s 66 million (I’m not sure what the actual previous highest vote tally ever is) in 2012 to 2020 is not that long of a time. If Trump has received 70 million, that too beats some winners previous totals.

No, I find Biden winning 80,000,000 votes a bit questionable with many of his rallies being extremely small, Kamala’s too. Oh, yes, COVID but that didn’t stop proteters showing up in mass.

The Dodgers didn’t draw too many people in the World Series either.

There was a reason for it.


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