Biden Rolls into Iowa With Nuns on a Bus

Biden Rolls into Iowa With Nuns on a Bus

He thanked the nuns for their work for health care reform saying in his signature colorful style, “The Nuns on the Bus fought like the devil for health care.”

If he’s talking about the kind of “health care reform” that so many Catholic organizations are suing the Government over … his colorful “fought like the devil …” simile between nuns and the devil becomes less a gaffe or hyperbole than a drowsily damning personification. :rolleyes:

***THAT’S The Bus. Those Might Be the Nuns. Caption didn’t say.
So maybe they are in their street clothes.
Maybe those nuns don’t wear habits? :confused:

The group is led by Sister Simone Campbell, a dissident Catholic, lawyer and lobbyist. This is not the first time the group has supported pro-abortion Democrat politicians.

The apparent average age of the group is, however, comforting.:wink:

I hope one of the nuns gave him a good admonishment for his Shylock comment. :smiley:

I don’t see any nuns? I do see a bus.

I wonder if they asked Catholics for choice to ride along ?

Where are the nuns? Where’s our “Catholic” vice president?

All I see is a bus.

The nuns are on a mission to get people to vote. I listened to a radio interview with the good Sister Campbell, and I’m sure she would welcome Catholics for choice if they espoused the same message for this tour.

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