"Biden’s communion denial highlights faith-politics conflict." Artcle shows polarized reactions to his denial of communion last year

The Rev. Robert Morey at St. Anthony opted not to serve communion to Biden. The priest said in a statement to media outlets that his decision was based on Biden’s support of abortion,


The priest was merely following Canon law on this matter. Joe Biden supports killing unborn children. If all life is equally sacred, then it would be no different than denying communion to a politician who supported murdering or exterminating black people, Jews, the disabled, etc. It should should be non-controversial, but for some reason even many Catholics, including Catholics in the hierarchy, see little problem with his stance.


This news story is almost a full year old.

It’s not news that a couple of priests and bishops refused Biden communion.
Some have been doing it for years.
Plenty of other ones don’t.


The priest was being a good priest. If people have an issue with it, they need to brush up on the Faith and what it means to be Catholic.


All true, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded through stuff like this that Jesus is real and present in the Eucharist, and that said Eucharist isn’t a prize to be earned by simply coming to Mass and saying a few prayers at home.


What’s really sickening is that he would go up to get communion. What utter disrespect and disregard he has for the Church and our Lord. I would rather die than receive communion when I am in mortal sin or openly and publicly disagree and disregard Church teaching. I had no idea Biden actually was trying to receive communion. This is the most offensive thing I have ever seen him do.


I had no issue with that, but I would have no issue if he had given communion.

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He openly disagrees and promotes evil into the world. You really think that such a person should receive the lord?


You must have me confused with Jesus. I do not know his soul, or his confession schedule.

I will be glad with these political ads are done.


You cannot receive the host when you openly disregard and actively work against Church teaching. If he has reversed course on abortion and Same Sex “marriage” please let me know. Especially when it causes scandal.


That is the only thing that can be said. In case you did not know, he is not currently holding any office of power, and hasn’t been a Senator for over a decade. To my knowledge, he has not had, or performed, and abortion which would result in his excommunication. Therefore, scandal would be the one reason, the only one, that could result in being denied communion. Being mistaken about some doctrine, that is not heresy, does not result in excommunication. Nor is one denied communion for that.

Abortion is a mortal sin. This is something all Catholic must believe. It is also Church teaching that legalized abortion must be opposed, but this part is not dogma. Right now, it is the single most important moral issue in most countries, but not the only issue.

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Biden disagrees with Church teaching publicly and openly and if elected will further push that evil into the world. This is heresy and as such he cannot receive communion. You do not have to be serving in public office to cause scandal you just have to be outspoken in your stances against the Church.

Heresy definition: “Heresy is the obstinate post-baptismal denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and catholic faith”


No, it is not. It is not dogma that abortion mush be illegal. It is doctrine that it should be illegal at this time, and that Catholics should oppose it legally.

And I know scandal is a relevant issue, and the one for which communion may be denied.

There is a valid reason why priests have some leeway in giving, or denying communion. It is not just that most priests are disobedient.

Thank God for this reverend. Back in the late 1980’s we attended a parish that would not give communion to pro-abortion politicians or pro-abortion anyone if they knew they were.

Just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean everyone knows about it nor people can’t discuss it.

and that is very sad, dangerous to Mr. Biden and other people’s eternal salvation and something no Catholic should be pleased about.

Equally sad to hear since it is an abuse of Our Lord, dangerous to Mr. Biden’s salvation and also dangerous to others who think then it is okay to support abortion and be Catholic, which it is NOT.


Of course it can be posted again. Political ads always proliferate near an election. These identical threads are popping up at the rate of 3-5 a day.


I am sorry you are sadden by my deference to priests.

Again, not Jesus.

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It is heresy. Here is what the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

2270 Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person - among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.

Biden openly and publicly denies this, and works to promote this evil in the world. He should not be receiving communion until he walks this backs as it is HERESY


I hope so. It is an important election. I hope we see more threads on the politics of the day.

I am not saddened by any deference to priests but the lack of concern of how Our Lord is treated.


If 60-70% of Catholics have the same position (opinion) as Biden what exactly is going on here?

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Another bishops speaks out, mentions voting and politicians:

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