Big Bang...

This is making my head spin… Pope Francis claimed “God is not a divine being…”

What does that mean?!?!?! And how does the Big Bang fit into Creation? I can somewhat understand evolution as people and things adapting to their surroundings and changes.

Help, anyone?!?!?

There are a bunch of threads on this already.

First, he said that God is not some magician but the source and creator of all that is. He was saying God is not some wizard like god of the ancient Greeks, but the creator of all.

Second, the Big Bang theory originates with a catholic priest. The universe having a beginning is a fantastic proof for God.

God spoke and bang the universe came forth from nothing.

Thank you.

So when he said God is not a divine being did he mean God has no form? That God just is? I always assumed God was divine…

You are using an erroneous translation.

Read more here.

And here.

I see… every other article I read excludes that remark…

:mad: We don’t oppose evolution. We oppose Darwin’s attempt to use evolution as a way to disprove God’s existence.

As Christians, we are at prefect liberty to believe that God created the universe by blasting it into existence. Since he is God, he could have easily prevented the big bang it from spiraling out of control.

Sometimes I think black holes are God’s vacuum cleaners. They suck in any extra reality we don’t need and put them back into our Big Bang or that of another universe. I don’t go around thinking that is necessarily TRVTH, but one of many ways to consider the possibilities…

Why can’t he suck up waste now, and use it as more explosives for the Big Bang in the past? He should be able to do this, since to us, time is an invention (gift) that allows mortal beings like us to have a dimension through which we can travel through His creation and experience the love in it.

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