Big Brother 8

I always watch Big Brother because I like to see how people behave when they are put in certain situations. Probably because I have a degree in psychology:o

Anyway, PTL there is a contestant on there who is a true christian and trying to glorify God in how she plays!!!

Her name is Jameka(she is the black lady) What a testimony to God she was last night. Some were upset with her decision but they accepted it and moved on.

She held true to her word to help someone even though it put her in danger of being kicked off.

I would want to go on one of these reality shows just to prove that a game like this can be played with God at the center of it!!!:smiley: :smiley:

Of course if I ever went on Survivor I would only last the first 3 days then I might have to be asked to be kicked off:o I could glorify God in three days–right:thumbsup: :cool:

I thought her reasoning was a bit clouded but her intentions and her follow through with it were very admirable.

Hey Im gonna try and resurrect this tread cause i love Big Brother hee hee

I’m happy that ED stayed and the “princess” as he was called left

And i disagree with you about Jameka, after watching the show a bit more it truly showed me how unchristian and I hate it when people like her make a mockery of our religion because then people that arent christian watch the show and say " Oh well thats how christians are, liars and all" Its really sad:( :mad:

Anyways enough ranting , any more Big Brother fans?

God Bless,


Sorry it has been awhile I have been away. BUT, I have been able to watch BB and after further watching I agree with you about Jameka:( I do think she is a christian and is trying really hard to glorify God but ED makes it hard I suppose. Plus, she cant get away from him:eek: Her clothes are a bit too immodest for me. Im hoping though that she has been better then the editing is portraying her. After all this is hollywood and they wont show the good sides of christianity just the sinning part:( My SIL pointed out how when Ashley was praying to God they were playing cheesy organ music.:rolleyes: We have to keep in mind that the people producing the show are probably not christians. :frowning:

Well, I just keep watching and hope for the best.

I watch BB8. I have Showtime2 and watch BB After Dark and keep up with the live feeds. They are all liars, and I can’t say one is worse than another. ED is the most honest… but is brutal with his honesty.

As you can imagine, I was disappointed when Jameka informed Jess that “she’s not Christian, she’s only Catholic” (this info came from the live feeds).

Im hoping though that she has been better then the editing is portraying her.

Last night she was not. :nope:

I am embarrassed to say that I ordered Showtime just to watch the BB After Dark.

It’s hard to judge someone’s faith when their prayers are being broadcast on TV. Plus, we really shouldn’t judge anyone anyway.

ED is the most entertaining and real person they’ve had on BB in a long time.

I am disturbed that Jameka expressed those opinions about Catholics. I’m equally disappointed that this got no coverage whatsoever when Amber’s anti-Semitic comments made it to the front page of

Oh well, I’ll keep watching.

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