Big Brother - Anyone here watch it?

Does anyone here watch Big Brother?

I have found myself obbsessed with it this summer (obbsessed in a good way).

I watch it and love it. I even read the spoilers ahead of time. Who are your favorite people on the show?

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I love Evil and Danielle, Im really rooting for them! I adore Eric and Nick and Joe and Dustin! about the only people I cant stand this season (yes im a lifer) are Jennifer and Jessica YUCK!

I used to watch it. Well, not really Big Brother (I’ve seen bits and peaces) but another reality show that’s almost the same.

I wouldn’t do it now! I find that the show simply glorifies sin (at least the ones in Europe). Watching a bunch of people doing nothing the whole day while discussing how awesome it is to sin (sex and drugs etc.) just to do it later on in front of a camera no longer appeals to me. :frowning:

In Christ,

I love Eric, Evil, Danielle, Nick, Justin, and Jameka. I can’t stand Jessica, Jennifer or Kail. I have to root for Zach too because he went to college in my hometown and got a theology degree. I really hope it’s Joe that goes home tonight and not Evil. He’s fun to watch.

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