Big burning bowl of incense


As I recall, last Advent our priest would have someone carry up a big burning bowl of incense as part of the processional. Thank heavens that seems to be gone this year. Is this a standard thing - - I had never seen this before? It looked vaguely pagan-like to me, to not have it in a censer.


Well the GIRM specifies incense used in a thurible. I see nothing about bowels, but I could be wrong.

At least no one liturgically danced with an incense bowl. I’ve seen that before. Blech!


Thanks Scottgun!
It may be that someone brought it to the attention of the pastor that GIRM states that it should be in a thurible.


I’ve seen incense “bowls” used numerous times in church dedications. That may fall under a different rubric, however.


It does indeed. Incense is to be burned on the altar during the consecration thereof, after the Bishop has rubbed oil on the table of the altar. This is usually done in a bowl-like brazier.



Thank you all for your responses!
I also found a hilarious Father Z answer:


I never saw anything like that before.


It’s not typical, though it was in vogue for a while. As someone else stated, it’s usually expected that a thurible is used.

I will, however, occasionally use a bowl if burning incense that won’t be moved (e.g.: for an extended period of Adoration, or during simple vespers when the altar isn’t incensed).


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