Big Companies in Danger of Bankruptcy,LVS,S,M,GT,MYL,HTZ

*Scary times. I also think that online shopping has caused the demise of department store shopping, etc. Just thought this was an interesting article to post. *

It is sad that many of these great names are now at risk. Reminds one of Joseph Schumpeter’s “creative destruction”.

I have to admit I do most of my shopping on-line.

I think one problem Macy’s has is that it overexpanded when it bought Robinsons-May. Around here, most malls have two Macy’s buildings because there were both stores in the mall. What they probably should have done was sell the stores in malls where there was already a Robinsons and some in areas that a Macy’s isn’t really needed. There are way too many here at least. Also, they stopped carrying a lot of brands that Robinsons had. I worked at Macy’s shortly after the acquistion, and there were a number of angry customers who did voice they would never shop there again because of the difference in merchandise. I never saw any of them again. Sure, there are other issues, but that is one in my mind.

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